Nazca lines Peru

There are more than 140 images  been discovered, etched into a coastal desert plain about 250 miles southeast of Lima, the Peruvian capital. The Japanese researchers who found them combined on-the-ground work with the most modern of tools: satellite photography, three-dimensional imaging and, in one case, artificial intelligence. A huge carving of a monkey with… Continue reading Nazca lines Peru

Mystery Of Peru’s Huge Nazca Lines – Peru

  The Nazca Lines in Peru have baffled mankind for quite a long time–and now the mystery is even more intriguing. They are a series of enormous geoglyphs etched into a roughly 200-square-mile stretch of the desert, created by pre-Inca people somewhere between the 4th century B.C. and the 10th century A.D. This early land… Continue reading Mystery Of Peru’s Huge Nazca Lines – Peru