Looters – Eastern Cape

They are not LOOTERS - they are terrorists. Eastern Cape Transport MEC Weziwe Tikana has come out strongly against a disturbing trend of looting and sporadic incidents of robbing the injured at the scene of crashes across the province.   Most recently looters descended on a burning truck on the N2 between emaXesibeni (Mt Ayliff) and… Continue reading Looters – Eastern Cape

Amahlathi Local Municipality – Stutterheim

The Amathole District Municipality is a Category C municipality situated in the central part of the Eastern Cape. It stretches along the Sunshine Coast from the Fish River Mouth and along the Eastern Seaboard to just south of Hole in the Wall along the Wild Coast. It is bordered to the north by the Amathole Mountain Range. The municipality… Continue reading Amahlathi Local Municipality – Stutterheim

Lady Grey Eastern Cape

Who controls the country (South Africa)?   Not the ANC, but terrorists.   The police may be on "STAND by" sometimes, if they are lucky.  The young terrorists are so proud to vandalise police vehicles. Where are the parents of those small terrorists  and who paid for the police van afterwards - again - crime is a huge income… Continue reading Lady Grey Eastern Cape