South Africa – Taxi’s

According to data by released in Transaction Capital's annual report for 2019, the JSE-listed company owns SA Taxi, which finances, sells, and insures minibus taxis, with more than 32,000 operators on its books.  While far fewer South Africans travelled by rail and bus the previous year, the minibus tax industry remained robust – representing 75%… Continue reading South Africa – Taxi’s

B-BBEE Strategy – South Africa – whites excluded

  If your B-BBEE scorecard does not reflect your best efforts, then it may be time to revise your policy, re-acquaint yourself with the legislation and change your approach.  The B-BBEE Act that was promulgated in 2003 (and amended in 2013) was based on a strategic plan for Black Economic Empowerment.   The first BEE Act… Continue reading B-BBEE Strategy – South Africa – whites excluded