Ukraine Flight PS752 – Canadians-Iranese

  Condolences to the families and friends. In the aftermath of the deadly Ukraine Flight PS752 crash, Canadians are left to mourn not just the loss of life, but the loss of the future so many of the victims had hoped to help build.    The Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737-800 was en route to… Continue reading Ukraine Flight PS752 – Canadians-Iranese

Carnivorous plants and Salamanders

In study published in the journal Ecology, a pair of biologists in the province of Ontario found that northern pitcher plants – also known as turtle socks – devour juvenile spotted salamanders.   Carnivorous plants have a taste for salamanders, scientists find   The northern pitcher plants, also known as turtle socks, devour juvenile spotted salamanders Biologists have discovered evidence… Continue reading Carnivorous plants and Salamanders