Farmers Frost damage in France

Late frosts throughout France are feared to have caused damage to vineyards, orchards and crops with producers trying to counter the sudden drop in temperatures with a wide range of protections including candles, water sprays and even helicopters. 
As die koue skielik kom afpak en dis nie verwag nie, moet ‘n boer altyd ‘n plan maak. Vir diere en plantegroei.    Die beligting lyk baie goed.   Dis nie net druiwe of in belang van wyn nie.  Skadunet en ander sterker beskerming sal ook werk.

In pictures: French farmers use fire to try to save their vineyards


Candle lights in vineyards and other


French winemakers need to use new tools to protect their vineyards, which are coming under threat because of a changing climate.


One farmer has been spraying his apple orchard with water to protect it from frost damage.   He explained it’s simple: The water produces this gel the moment it freezes. And this frees up calories, which are digested inside the ice and the apple blossom. It’s less cold inside the ice, like an Eskimo inside an igloo, than outside” .

Another farmer in Burgundy has lit giant candles throughout his vines and hopes it will not rain. Some have even resorted to hiring helicopters to fly low over their crops to keep the air circulating in a bid to save this year’s harvest.

French wine regions face nervous wait on frost - Decanter

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