DZL – Afrikaans – Toerbroers – Conservation

Meer oor Toerbroers, DZL,  die Bloed honde, ‘n blinde renoster en ook ander spesiale beskermde diere wat nie in Suid-Afrika voorkom nie, wel in Afrika, waarvan daar ook net ‘n paar oor is in Afrika.   Wat ‘n jammerte dat diere so doodgeskiet word vir o.a. horings.   Hulle is in die video materiaal te sien.  Die spoorsnyer honde  is pragtig.


Meet the Toer Broers, DZL, the special trained dogs for conservation , a blind rhino and also other special protected animals that do not occur in South Africa, of which there are only a few left in Africa. What a pity that animals are shot so dead for their horns. They can be seen in the video footages. The dogs are beautiful.



Toerbroers is made up of adventure loving duo, Andries Hendrik Potgieter and Wiaan Fourie. The two first acquired fame as Afrikaans singers for the award-winning duo band, DZL, but are now also recognised for the work they do within conservation circles and the tourism industry.​

Their conservation work has taken them to various parts of the world, including Kenia and Thailand, and their travels also prompted the emergence of the tourism platform under the Toerbroer umbrella.




DZL – Die hele wêreld


In Kenia



How this Rhino Repro project is a Ground Breaking Initiative

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