Export to China and Japan

White small businesses and companies that are not essensial, are not allowed to work since the lock down,    But, in the meantime, special agreements were on the table during this lock down, to export fresh fruit products to China and Japan.  China is responsible for the virus, it came from their country, not from anybody else.  Therefore, why must we have a lock down and  our people’s businesses and their workers are not allowed to work, while some countries will receive fresh fruits from us.     There are not enough food for our own people but it went out the country.  What happened to the restriction of our harbours, borders and airports that were also locked down and closed? but it if it China and Japan, then everybody must see that they receive their fruit in time.  Loading of 4 521 tons of grapefruit and lemons destined for Japan and China.

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Daar is nie genoeg kos in die land nie, maar dit is essensieel dat ons vrugte, soos sitrus na China en Japan uitgevoer word.   China van alle plekke, waarvandaan die Corona virus afkomstig is.

China wat verantwoordelik is vir ons besighede wat tot niet gaan, maar hulle kry skepe vol sappige vars vrugte uit ons land uit.   Hoe lyk ons eie rakke van die vars vrugte, maar dit word eerder uitgevoer.

Daar is duisende van ons Afrikaner en Boere se  besighede gesluit, ons mag nie werk nie, ons mag nie inkomte kry nie, maar China se burgers word vet gevoer met vars produkte vanaf ons plase.    Honderde duisende werkers sit sonder werk en inkomste en kry ‘n belaglike R300 van die regering vir toelae as troosprysie.

Hoekom word die lemoene en ander sitrus vrugte nie aan ons eie mense uitgedeel nie, maar eerder aan ‘n land soos China waarvandaan die virus afkomstig is.


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Image may contain: possible text that says 'Media statement 30 April 2020 South Africa's fifth break-bulk reefer citrus shipment to Japan and China departs tomorrow Department of Agriculture, Land Reform Rural Development is pleased to announce the fifth break-bulk vessel shipment of from South Africa to China Japan the Covid-19 outbreak. The vessel is planned to depart tomorrow, May 2020. This is the first break-bulk vessel shipment in the 2020 export season adding to shipments that were exported in the season. The 2019 a historical year as the South African citrus industry marked maiden break-bulk shipment of citrus through specialised reefer vessel Japan and China.'


JAPAN AND CHINA – while our own people do not get the necessary food on their tables

South Africa is projecting a record packout of around 143m cartons of citrus in 2020, which would be 13 per cent more than last year. Key to the success of marketing this crop will be the Chinese and Japanese markets. Japan is an important grapefruit market for South Africa, while China is a rapidly emerging consumer market for a range of South African citrus lines, with exporters witnessing spectacular growth there over the past few years.

Fruit destined for Japan and China will be loaded at the Port of Durban. The vessels will first off-load in Japan before travelling to China.

Speaking with Asiafruit in late-March, Brooke said it was too early to comment definitively on how the season will develop.

“We hope that our first vessel will sail in mid-April, with the others following at regular intervals,” he explained. “The forecast suggests we will have a busy season, which we have planned for.”

It is not certain what impact coronavirus will have on the upcoming season, nor its long-term implications for South Africa’s citrus industry. It is therefore far easier for stakeholders to talk about the upcoming crop and changes in the various categories.

“We have an excellent crop and growers are reporting clean fruit, good sizing and quality from across the country. It is now a matter of what happens off the farm, in the logistics chain and in the markets,” said CGA’s John Edmonds.



According to the logistics group, there is additional supply to come and this will complement the refrigerated containers that are already in the country and available to customers.

The containers have departed Jebel Ali last weekend and are expected to arrive in Durban by early May, to be distributed among Maersk and Safmarine customers.

Reefer containers are currently scarce in South Africa due to the imbalance in trade flows, which has been impacted by the lockdown in China during the first quarter of 2020 and the expected stronger demand for South African fruit.



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  1. Het elke volk nou eers menseregte van dat julle nou voel en nie eers regtig n tip van wat julle met ons gedoen het en julle kan dit noe staan,die pad voorentoe is saam trek en dis iets wat die wit volk nie soek.


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