Fifth generation – 5G Appeal – Moratorium – health risk – radiation

Almal  in Suid-Afrika word reeds blootgestel aan 5G, daar was al vir meer as ‘n jaar gelede begin om hierdie honderde/duisende “torings” werklikheid te maak.  Nugter alleen weet wie gaan moet opdok nie, aangesien die middelman nie dit aangevra het nie.   Sover is dit elite persone en besighede wat dit oprig.  Daar moet dringend versoek word dat dit onmiddellik verwyder en gestaak word, in ons gesondheidsbelang.   Almal wat bewus is van so ‘n toring of toestel, wat veral nou opgesit word of selfs sedert 2018, moet dit op sosiale media vertoon, veral as dit naby u woning of besigheid geleë is.   Heelwat sal by skole, kerke en selfs hospitale wees, maar dit sal ook nader aan wonings wees, aangesien die radio golwe beter ontvang word, maar dan word meer radioaktiwiteit so blootgestel.  Lees die artikels oor die moratorium.  Daar is reeds ‘n paar lande wat dit gestop het.

We Have No Reason to Believe 5G Is Safe


The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently announced through a press release that the commission will soon reaffirm the radio frequency radiation (RFR) exposure limits that the FCC adopted in the late 1990s. These limits are based upon a behavioral change in rats exposed to microwave radiation and were designed to protect us from short-term heating risks due to RFR exposure.

Yet, since the FCC adopted these limits based largely on research from the 1980s, the preponderance of peer-reviewed research, more than 500 studies, have found harmful biologic or health effects from exposure to RFR at intensities too low to cause significant heating.

“Numerous recent scientific publications have shown that EMF affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines.

Effects include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being in humans. Damage goes well beyond the human race, as there is growing evidence of harmful effects to both plant and animal life.”

The scientists who signed this appeal arguably constitute the majority of experts on the effects of nonionizing radiation. They have published more than 2,000 papers and letters on EMF in professional journals.

The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified RFR as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” in 2011. Last year, a $30 million study conducted by the U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP) found “clear evidence” that two years of exposure to cell phone RFR increased cancer in male rats and damaged DNA in rats and mice of both sexes. The Ramazzini Institute in Italy replicated the key finding of the NTP using a different carrier frequency and much weaker exposure to cell phone radiation over the life of the rats.

The latest cellular technology, 5G, will employ millimeter waves for the first time in addition to microwaves that have been in use for older cellular technologies, 2G through 4G. Given limited reach, 5G will require cell antennas every 100 to 200 meters, exposing many people to millimeter wave radiation. 5G also employs new technologies (e.g., active antennas capable of beam-forming; phased arrays; massive multiple inputs and outputs, known as massive MIMO) which pose unique challenges for measuring exposures.   

Millimeter waves are mostly absorbed within a few millimeters of human skin and in the surface layers of the cornea. Short-term exposure can have adverse physiological effects in the peripheral nervous system, the immune system and the cardiovascular system. The research suggests that long-term exposure may pose health risks to the skin (e.g., melanoma), the eyes (e.g., ocular melanoma) and the testes (e.g., sterility). 

5G will not replace 4G; it will accompany 4G for the near future and possibly over the long term. If there are synergistic effects from simultaneous exposures to multiple types of RFR, our overall risk of harm from RFR may increase substantially. Cancer is not the only risk as there is considerable evidence that RFR causes neurological disorders and reproductive harm, likely due to oxidative stress.

As a society, should we invest hundreds of billions of dollars deploying 5G, a cellular technology that requires the installation of 800,000 or more new cell antenna sites in the U.S. close to where we live, work and play?


Only a few countries mentioned here:

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After 4 students and 3 teachers were diagnosed with cancer within a 3-year period …

Cell Tower to be Removed After 4th Ripon Student Diagnosed with Cancer


Hazardous radiation: PHC directs EPA to remove 20 cellular towers


Scientists and doctors call for a moratorium on the roll-out of 5G.       5G will substantially increase exposure to radio-frequency electromagnetic fields RF-EMF, that has been proven to be harmful for humans and the environment.

The 5G Appeal was prepared in 2017 by scientist and doctors who are urgently calling for the EU to halt the roll out of 5G due to serious potential health effects from this new technology.

5G will substantially increase exposure to radio-frequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) on top of the 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, etc. for telecommunications already in place. RF-EMF has been proven to be harmful for humans and the environment.

As of April 4, 2020, 324 scientists and medical doctors have signed the appeal. The 5G Appeal is still open for endorsement for scientists (PhD, professor) or medical doctors (MD. Please contact professor em. Rainer Nyberg or ass. professor Lennart Hardell.

The appeal was initially submitted in September 2017 to the European Commission.

The 5G Appeal note that with ”the ever more extensive use of wireless technologies,” nobody can avoid to be exposed. Because on top of the increased number of 5G-transmitters (even within housing, shops and in hospitals) according to estimates, ”10 to 20 billion connections” (to refrigerators, washing machines, surveillance cameras, self-driving cars and buses, etc.) will be parts of the Internet of Things.

All these together can cause a substantial increase in the total, long term RF-EMF exposure to all EU citizens.During the recent years over 240 scientists from more than 40 countries have expressed their “serious concerns”, via EMF Scientists Appeal, regarding the ubiquitous and increasing exposure to EMF generated by electric and wireless devices – already before the additional 5G roll-out.

Read the full 5G Appeal. Link
The over 240 scientists refer to the fact that ”numerous recent scientific publications have shown that EMF affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines”.

Effects include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being in humans.

Damage goes well beyond the human race, as there is growing evidence of harmful effects to both plants and animals.

The Appeal primarily urge the EU to

1) to take all reasonable measures to halt the 5G RF-EMF expansion until independent scientists can assure that 5G and the total radiation levels caused by RF-EMF (5G together with 2G, 3G, 4G, and WiFi) will not be harmful for EU-citizens, especially infants, children and pregnant women, as well as the environment.

The EU has sent replies:

1st reply

2nd reply

In this article published January 2020, the  the 5G appeal and the letters to the EU Health Commissioner since September, 2017 and the authors’ rebuttals are summarized.  Link



What is 5G – an introduction

5G signifies “5th generation” wireless technology. It is said to provide faster and higher transmission capacity. It includes Internet of Things (IoT), driverless cars, and faster video streaming.

5G will massively increase the microwave and millimeter wave radiation in our environment. It will also use new frequencies that are not evaluated by experts independent from industry as to their safety.

5G will include the higher millimeter wave frequencies, previously used for crowd control for instance. The millimeter waves do not travel easily through buildings so 5G will require millions of new “small cell” antennas.

The wireless telecom industry intend to outfit nearly every lamp post or utility post around the countries with these wireless small cell antennas beaming hazardous radiation next to, or into our homes, schools, workingplaces and everywhere, 24/7.

5G radiation will be sent from advanced antennas, so called phased arrays,  that transmit the microwaves and/or millimeter waves in narrow bands, a technology originally developed for military purposes. This will massively increase the exposure to radiation in those beams, that will be nearly everywhere.

The massive increase of radiation is observed in a scientific paper published in 2017:

“Our results show that 5G downlink RF fields generate significantly higher power density (PD) and specificabsorption rate (SAR) than a current cellular system.”…Thus,when a larger phased antenna is used or when a user moves closer to the AP, the PD value becomes a major health concern which inevitably requires more research about health effects of 5G before it is deployed successfully by strictly following the RF emission standards.”

A substantial and convincing amount of scientific studies show many adverse health effects and health hazards from radiofrequency/microwave radiation.

No evaluation of health effects nor of effects on the wildlife and the environment has been undertaken. There is no research showing safety neither from 5G alone, nor from the combined exposure to 5G + already existing radiation from GSM, 3G, WiFi, 4G etc.

This is why the 5G Appeal was launched.

What is 5G – an introduction


Switzerland is one of the world’s leaders in the rollout of 5G mobile technology, has placed an indefinite moratorium on the use of its new network because of health concerns. 

read more:


Demand a 5G moratorium in Canada until Govt can prove it’s safe.



Billionaire Patrice Motsepe’s African Rainbow Investments (ARC) said on Monday that it would be leveraging its shareholding in network provider Rain to make a R2 billion investment to build 700 5G sites in South Africa.


Dit is net interessant dat wereldleiers en regerings die 5G met ‘n spoed probeer installeer , wat biljoene rande kos, maar daar is ‘n tekort aan werkverskaffing of opheffing.    Daar word nou spesifiek van Suid-Afrika gepraat.  Ons sit met groot maatskaplike armoede as gevolg van swart bemagtiging, terwyl elites net al meer uit swart bemagtiging maak.   Heelwat lande ondersteun die huidige regering hierin, daarom word daar gereeld ooreenkomste aangegaan vir “beleggings”.  Ook hierdie regerings maak hul skuldig aan swart bemagtiging en rassisme teenoor die minderheidsvolk, die blankes in Suid-Afrika.  Selfs met die virus, kan slegs BEE’s aansoek doen, want dit word so gestipuleer in die aansoeke.  Dus, maak ook hierdie donateurs hul skuldig aan menseregteskending en rassisme teenoor blankes in Suid-Afrika.

Terloops, daar is absoluut niks verkeerd met die huidige internet nie, tog word daar na hoër frekwensie en meer gevaarliker internet oorgeskakel deur regering, partye en “vennote”.  Dis hulle wat die 5G soek, hoekom installeer hulle dit nie in hul eie huise en besighede nie.   Ons as publiek het nooit enige aanvraag tot 5G gevra nie.   Dus hoekom moe daar duisende radio aktiewe torings langs huise en strate opgerig word, om ons te kontroleer of beheer?

Dis ironies, dat veral in die tyd waar daar ‘n “lockdown” wêreldwyd is, vind die installering steeds plaas.    Regdeur op ander lande ook.    Dit is ook nie essensieel om internet 5G te beskik nie, dis ‘n luukse en beslis nie aanvaarbaar as daar gesondheidsrisiko’s is nie.

Heelwat lande het nou versoeke gerig (reeds in 2017) dat die hele proses gestop word, maar hoekom was daar nie aanvanklik gekeer dat dit eers behoorlik ondersoek of selfs beveilig gemaak word nie?   Suid-Afrika en die res van Afrika waar daar reeds 5G begin is, is arm lande en kan skaars voedsel bekostig.   Tans is daar bykans 20 miljoen wat SASSA toelaes ontvang, dus wie moet aan hierdie radio aktiewe torings blootgestel word?   Die gewone arm en middelmatige persone het nie 5G aangevra nie, omrede hulle dit nie gaan gebruik nie.     Daar is ook heelwat ooreenkomste waar die 5G reeds is met die virus – kan dit toeval wees?

Hoekom moet Jan Publiek die radio aktiewe bestralings ontvang? want verseker is dit ‘n groot gesondheidsrisiko as daar na die moratorium gekyk word.

In Suid-Afrika asook die res van Afrika is dit ryk elites en biljoenêrs wat hieragter sit en dit begin installeer het.  Dus, as ons almal sieklik word as gevolg van die radio aktiewe frekwensies en skadelike radio golwe, sal hulle eenvoudig skouers optrek as mediese fondse of armes so blootgestel word en nie behandelings teen kanker of ander gevaarlike siektes opdoen in die proses.


5 gedagtes oor “Fifth generation – 5G Appeal – Moratorium – health risk – radiation”

  1. Om die “conspiracy theory” strooi te versprei maak dat julle nie baie geloofwaardigheid het nie.


  2. As an electronic engineer who major in microwave engineering and studied quantum mechanics. Let me explain it to you guys like this, I never heard so much garbage in my entire life. You guys will have to rewrite all we know about quantum mechanics to make your claims possible. It’s just not gonna happen. So please. Stop the propaganda, fake news and conspiracy theories.


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