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A South African teacher stranded in Wuhan wanted to come home.    Amy Pittaway, who went to Wuhan, China, to teach, says she is stranded in the coronavirus-plagued city.   Pittaway spoke to 702 presenter Bongani Bingwa on Friday and said the virus had reached its peak in the city.

A South African teacher says she is stranded in the coronavirus epicentre with other South Africans and is disappointed at the lack of effort by the SA government to get them home.


How many people have been infected by coronavirus? Which countries has it spread to? Where in China is Wuhan? Should I wear a mask? This video tells you what you need to know about coronavirus – and factchecks some of the myths and claims that have been spreading


China to fly overseas Hubei residents back to Wuhan amid coronavirus outbreak


WHO declares coronavirus a global health emergency

This is only the sixth time such an emergency has been declared, with past examples including the Ebola outbreak and the Zika virus.


“A very hard moment for us,” says daughter of project manager of new Wuhan coronavirus hospital.


The deadly coronavius is now present in every single region of China.

“We are feeling very abandoned and alienated from our own country.”

And at Cape Town International Airport, dozens of travellers were reunited with loved ones on Wednesday, as they unmasked themselves after overnight flights from China and nearby locations.   Pittaway said she was disappointed in the SA government’s inability to put any effort into bringing them home.

Health minister Zweli Mhize, however, said on Friday there was no need for the government to evacuate any South Africans in China.

“We are confident in China’s ability to manage the public health emergency effectively and that our citizens living in China are in safe hands.   “There is no evidence to support repatriation or emergency evacuations of our citizens, at this stage, there’s been no report of any South African who has contracted the infection.”   Mkhize added that there are two South Africans who are under a 14-day quarantine. The two had moved from Wuhan city to a neighbouring municipality in China.

Mkhize said 55 travellers were found to have an elevated temperature on arrival in SA and were referred to nurses for further assessment.   He said 14 had flown from China, one from Thailand and 40 were from non-endemic countries.   “No travellers were found to have symptoms consistent with the coronavirus and none required isolation.”

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