Dutch – Farmer boogaloo – protest

Waar dink die mense kom kos vandaan – val dit uit die lug uit of wat?  Wie se tafels kreun die meeste onder die kos wat van boere afkomstig is?  Is hierdie “halvering” nou om voorsiening te maak vir al die immigrante se huise en verblyf?   Where does the food comes from – from farmers – not from the shops or the counter.  “Does the EU remember whats it’s like when a country cannot feed itself? One of the tenets of the EU is supposed to be food security,”

10,000 farmers and 2200 tractors expected

The organisers are expecting about 10,000 farmers at the “agriactie” this afternoon in The Hague, along with 2200 tractors. The municipality of The Hague will allow only 75 tractors onto the Malieveld. The rest of the farmers will be transported to the site of the protest by shuttle transport.  Carola Schouten, the Minister for Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, will attend the protest. Some other members of parliament, including D66 member Tjeerd de Groot, will also be there.

Hundreds of tractors from all over the country are on their way to The Hague, where the farmers will demonstrate in the afternoon. 

With hundreds of tractors in columns, resulting accidents, and rainy weather, huge traffic jams are occurring in many places. Tractors are making their way into The Hague for the protest at Malieveld this afternoon, while others around the country are driving slowly on main roads to show their discontent. According to ANWB, this is the busiest morning rush hour ever.

Chaos around The Hague as farmers strike and cause biggest traffic jam ever

They no longer want to be painted as environmental polluters who must change as a result of the nitrogen crisis, while other polluting industries such as aviation are left untouched. The Remkes commission has recommended for farms near nature reserves to be bought out, or otherwise changed to be more environmentally friendly. The commission has also suggested lowering the speed limit on regional and national roads. The farmers protesting in The Hague today are also demanding a clear, long-term agricultural policy in the long term.

Nobody believes a revolution is gonna happen, until it happens.  It seems the government has already given in. Minister of Agriculture pledges NOT to cut the industry (dairy/meet) in half.   Farmer boogaloo underway in the Netherlands right now, fam. I’m told this is 10,000 people w 3000 tractors and they are basically shutting the whole country down. This is wild. #BoerenProtest


Thousands of farmers on their way to the government in The Hague (Netherlands) to protest against proposal to cut farm output country wide by 50%. Could be an interesting day. #boerenprotest



“More tractors swerving from left to right (accompanied by music) on a highway forcing traffic to slow down. Gotta love the dystopian windmill at the horizon, lol.”


“A couple of tractors have gone rogue and broke out of the protest area. You can see one being chased by a cop car t the very first second (right of the video, moving into the tunnel), and a couple of other slower moving tractors following on the road behind.”




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