Myne Maatjies Day Care Centre – Culemborg Park


A video of alleged child abuse at a Culemborg Park day care has surfaced on social media and it has left parents furious.   Parents of children at the MYNE Maatjies Day Care Centre removed their children after videos of staff members abusing the children have been circulated on social media, the Randfontein Herald reports.


Concerned parents said they had been noticing strange behaviours in their children, and then the videos confirmed their doubts about the centre.

“I have the evidence on camera; my child’s ear was blue and I phoned Mariaan and sent the pictures. She said it looked like a mosquito bite. I said to hell, please do not talk s***. I then took my child to the doctor, who said it looked like someone was hurting her,” Lindie van Vollehoven said.

She added her child recently also had a bruise, “I know children fall and get hurt, but at least they should tell us when something happens. Now she has blues marks on her knees.”   The family added they would be taking action by opening a case against the centre for the alleged child abuse.   “We have already sent pictures and the videos to the Children’s Court. We are going to make a case against the centre,” added Ryno van Vollenhoven, the father.

Barries Meintjes, whose 15-old-month son goes to the same centre said, “The thing that bothers me the most is that in the mornings when I drop him off at the centre, he does not want to let go, and if I give him over to the centre, he screams crazily and his behaviour at home has changed.”

Meintjies also confirmed that he would remove his son from the centre.“I won’t recommend this place to anyone, and I will never bring my child back here,” he added.   Until the video circulated, Mariaan van Rensburg, the owner who had been running the centre for 10 years, told the Herald that she had never heard of the alleged abuse.

“I am going to take steps against them, which involves dismissals.”   A shocked Bees Fourie, the national leader of Bikers Against Bullies SA, said there would be a protest ride to the creche on Monday morning.   “We ask all bikers to join us and meet at Uncle Harry’s at 7am. It is totally unacceptable that adults treat these kids in the manner that they did. We urge the parents of these children to lay assault charges.”


Totaal en al onaanvaarbaar dat ‘n dagsorg sentrum en veral die werkers so teen sulke jong kinders optree, wie is hulle om sulke dinge aan sulke jong kinders te doen?   Hoe lank gaan dit nie al aan nie.   En die vrou wat dit beheer het geen kontrole oor haar werkers nie en dit nadat ouers reeds gekla het oor die aanranding en merke.  Sterkte aan die jong kinders, hoop nie hulle hou emosionele letsels oor van hierdie “vals fronte” op besems as die video bekyk word.




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