Capricorn TVET college students

Destroy is the name and revolution their surname – and their parents watching the news, and like it when their children destroy everything.      This isn’t a big or clever way to get what you want: A group of students in Polokwane have been blasted, after they vandalised streets and threw rocks at cars.   They learn from their government.  They all playing on the expensive musical revolution destructive tours.

A question to any employer, company or business person, if you want to employ some young people to give them a chance and you know they are part of those kind of behaviour, you have seen their photos or actions on video – will you employ such a person?

They all acting like criminals.

Students are not in their classes but they rather prefer to be  on the streets where they can destroy everything.   It is always students or school children – where are the parents?

Protests are hardly the most civil affairs in South Africa, and they usually come with some sort of trail of destruction. Whether it’s burning tyres on the roads or the vandalism of property, demonstrations often have a knock-on effect for the local community. This is exactly what happened in Polokwane on Tuesday, as youths rampaged through the city.

Students say they have accommodation issues and that facilities are not user friendly for disabled students. They say the college is defrauding them because NSFAS paid out but the college insists they (the students) are still in arrears.   This is a repeat of the past 5-6 years.

Capricorn TVET students to shutdown all campuses

In the video, four men are removing a traffic light, while another stands in Marshall Street, dragging a stop sign in the road.   All of them very young – they will be not be able to work, but they are able to destroy.


Academic activities at the Seshego TVET College were disrupted, after students marched to the Capricorn College Central office in Market Street demanding that their grievances are addressed.

A group of four lads were caught on camera damaging municipal property. In the 37-second clip that went viral on Twitter, most of the protesters were making (traffic) light work of a robot on Marshall Street, tearing it down from where it stood in the road. But that wasn’t the most bizarre scene of the day…

Another young man has what appears to be a stop-sign in his hands, swinging it around like he’s taking part in some sort of Olympic hammer throw. Queues of traffic are brought to a standstill while the aggrieved collective wreak havoc in the town. One of them even throws a rock towards a line of vehicles.


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