Korrupsie op korrupsie – wat anders?   Daar word vir almal vertel daar is nie genoeg beddens nie, maar daar word duisende beddens in oop ruimtes gestoor om op te roes.  Gedink ons publiek sal dit nie raaksien nie.  Dankie aan daardie wakker persoon.  Hier is maar een so ‘n gebied, wat van die ander provinsies?  Selfs ambulans toerusting (beddens) word hier gesien.   Wat was die finansiële uitgawe met al hierdie beddens, en wat het van die matrasse geword – verseker op die grond of weg?    Een of ander tyd moet dit tog “afgeskryf” word?

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Hospitale in Suid-Afrika

A video going around on social media shows allegedly brand new hospital beds lying in the sun, exposed to the elements outside the Chris Hani Baragwanath hospital in Johannesburg.

The man filming the video narrates in Afrikaans and asks: “If you have ever wondered where our taxes go? Here is our tax money. [Hospital] beds with which is nothing wrong.”    He adds: “Why do we have to suffer so much to have our wives, our children, our mothers and our fathers sleep on floors and mattresses in state hospitals? This is absolute bullsh*t.”    He explains he walked past the hospital beds by accident en route to visiting his son in the paediatric ward when he could not find parking within 2km of the hospital.

DA Gauteng health spokesperson Jack Bloom said on Monday the video “disturbed” him.

“Many of them (the hospital beds) look in good condition, but will deteriorate rapidly in unsheltered conditions.”

Bloom alleged the video was taken on Wednesday.

“This is a clear waste of state assets as these beds should be put to good use instead of rusting outside. There are hospitals that are short of beds where they could be used or they could be donated to non-profit institutions.”

Gauteng premier David Makhura said on Sunday the governing party would commit to dealing with the ailing healthcare in the province which he described as a “serious weakness”.

TimesLIVE has approached the Gauteng health department for comment.


Philip van Staden

The ANC in Gauteng is clearly protecting two controversial figures, Qedani Mahlangu and Brian Hlongwa, and that raises the question of why the ANC is protecting them?

The election of Mahlangu and Hlongwa to the ANC’s provincial executive committee (PEC) over the weekend follows on scandals in the Gauteng Department of Health.

After the Life Esidimeni tragedy, which claimed the lives of 144 patients, Qedani Mahlangu resigned as the Gauteng MEC for Health.

When Brian Hlongwa was the MEC for Health, he was implicated in corruption that amounts to R1,2 billion.

Thus far, the ANC has not taken any disciplinary steps against Hlongwa or Mahlangu, because the party’s “integrity commission is still busy with an investigation”. In the interim, health services in the province have collapsed and millions of lives are at stake every day because there are no proper public health services.

The FF Plus is convinced that time will tell who was involved in these two scandals.

The ANC owes the public in Gauteng an explanation for why the internal investigations are not being finalised and must divulge who else is being protected.

The laxity in taking action against Hlongwa and Mahlangu creates the impression that other prominent ANC figures in the province may quite possibly also be involved in corrupt dealings.

The ANC is using its familiar old ANC tactics to not only protect Hlongwa and Mahlangu, but also other corrupt individuals. The political influence that Hlongwa and Mahlangu have within the ANC points to the ANC’s collapsing internal structures and poor leadership.

It seems as if the criminal charges against Hlongwa and Mahlangu are not a priority for the ANC and so corrupt politicians are able to continue looting Gauteng under the protection of the ANC.

The ANC will have to be willing to pay a high price in the 2019 elections when Gauteng voters oust the party at the polls as a result of all this.



19 February 2019

Despite the attempts by the Gauteng Premier, Mr David Makhura, to polish his provincial government’s image and its operations of the last five years during his last provincial address (SOPA) in Alberton, it is clear that his government failed the residents of Gauteng as it was unable to turn the province around.

Over the last five years, numerous scandals sent shock waves through the province, among others, the Esidimeni Life tragedy in which two of his former MECs were involved, namely Qedani Mahlangu and Brian Hlongwa. Mahlangu and Hlongwa played a key role in the destruction of the province’s health care system and Hlongwa was also implicated in alleged corruption amounting to nearly R1,2 billion.

The health care system has deteriorated to such an extent that Gwen Ramokgopa was appointed as MEC in Mahlangu’s place to get things back on track, but thus far she has been unsuccessful.

The province’s infrastructure has also deteriorated as provincial buildings, schools, hospitals, roads and bridges were not properly maintained. The Emfuleni Local Municipality ceased to function and this week, the national defence force announced that it cannot continue with the clean-up and repair work without the necessary funding.

The Hoërskool Driehoek tragedy is still fresh in everyone’s memory and last week, the MEC for Education said that many schools in Gauteng are disasters waiting to happen. The roofs of hospitals have collapsed, for example, at Charlotte Maxeke in Johannesburg and sink holes are a regular occurrence on the province’s roads.

The local government is busy falling apart as well and municipalities like Rand West, Merafong and Mogale City are infamous for poor service delivery because the allocated funds are either not utilised or because tax payers’ money is misappropriated – like with the VBS Bank scandal.

Over the last five years, the various MECs for Local Government, namely Jakob Mamabolo, Paul Mashatile, and since last year, Uhuru Moiloa, were unable to turn the municipalities in Gauteng where the ANC is still in power around and as a result, Emfuleni was placed under administration and other municipalities in the West Rand are not functioning as they should.

The three MECs were also unable to provide enough housing for the poor in the province and during today’s provincial address, it was announced that the housing backlog currently stands on 1 million units.

This is despite the fact that the Premier announced in the Legislature in 2015 that by this year (2019) all informal settlements will be done away with. Nothing came of his empty promise.

The Department of Transport in the province had been fairly stable over the last five years, but at the end of last year things went awry when the MEC, Ismail Vadi, announced that he is going to rename provincial roads after anti-apartheid heroes.

The funds should rather be used to repair sink holes and to build new roads so as to relieve traffic congestion in Gauteng. Meanwhile, problems arose again at licensing offices at the end of 2018 and as a result, there is a serious backlog with the issuing of driver’s licences and the renewal of motor vehicle licenses.

During the Committee meeting last week, the FF Plus demanded that these problems must be investigated urgently.

E-toll is yet another problem that Makhura simply cannot solve no matter how hard he tries or how loudly he voices his misgivings about the system – it remains a given that an illegal system, which is not very successful, was implemented and the ANC on national level will simply not pay any attention to Makhura.

Education is also a problematic department. The MEC, Panyaza Lesufi, made numerous appearances in court over the last five years due to his attempts to get rid of Afrikaans and Afrikaans schools. Lesufi lost case after case and despite it costing so much money, he is still trying to force his political will on schools and consequently, he is not fully focused on running his Department.

The Education Department did not build enough schools over the last five years and, thus, the province is struggling to place all the learners in schools. When the schools opened in January this year, there were still 17000 learners who had not been placed.

The Department of Social Development also found itself in a difficult situation last year after it failed to pay out grants to children’s homes in the province. As a result, various children’s homes were faced with the possibility of having to close their doors, but after the FF Plus put pressure on the Department, the payments were made.

The FF Plus sees Makhura’s government as an absolute failure and the Premier’s term of office over the last five years will be remembered as a term of infamy and the collapse of service delivery.

With the upcoming elections, Gauteng residents have the opportunity to get rid of the failing ANC government in Gauteng and to elect an accountable and responsible coalition government of which the FF Plus will be a part to keep fighting for residents’ constitutional rights and to ensure proper service delivery.

Use your vote in the elections to fight back against poor service delivery, corruption, crime and collapsing infrastructure. Vote for the FF Plus to finally get rid of the ANC in Gauteng.–ff-plus


The treatment of sick people in this country is a mess – is not only in gauteng, but all provinces that patients have to sleep on floor or bring their own, Look at all the corruption and compare this to services – shocking

The Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (Denosa) has called on the KwaZulu-Natal health department to formulate a proper plan to deal with patients at district hospitals who are awaiting referral to tertiary healthcare institutions.

This follows revelations that some patients were in some instances forced to sleep on cold hospital floors and benches at district hospitals while waiting to be transferred to tertiary hospitals such as Greys in Pietermaritzburg and Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital in Durban.

Health MEC Sibongiseni Dhlomo expressed shock after he found patients, including a cancer patient, sleeping on the floor and hospital benches when he made a surprise visit to the Church of Scotland Hospital in Umsinga on Sunday.

Dhlomo had found Mamizi Mkhize, a cancer patient who was awaiting to be transferred to Greys, kneeling on the bench as she did not want to put her pelvis on the concrete floor.

With her were more than a dozen mothers who were taking their children to hospitals in Pietermaritzburg.


they all “live on strikes” – do not want to work

They were protesting non-payment of overtime and performance bonuses, and claimed that management was not communicating with them.

Their grievances may be valid, but trashing a hospital and endangering the safety of patients should not be allowed under any circumstances.

The Gauteng health department should get a court interdict against this illegal action and police should arrest those who act violently, Bloom said.


During a surprise visit on Sunday to the Church of Scotland Hospital in Umsinga, KZN Health MEC Dr Sibongiseni Dhlomo found patients sleeping on floor and benches.

According to Department of Health, the patients have been waiting overnight for transport to take them to hospitals in Pietermaritzburg the next day.

Dhlomo ordered management of Church of Scotland Hospital to find a decent place to house patients. .

He said hospital managers were expected to take charge of the health facilities entrusted upon them, and ensure that patients are treated humanely and with dignity.

Among them was a cancer patient and more than a dozen mothers and their children.

The MEC was upset because hospital management ought to have a better system in place after the matter came under the spotlight and was resolved two years ago.

“I am surprised and angry that a matter we resolved long ago has not been effected at this hospital.

“These patients have left their homes and come here so that they can be reviewed.

“District hospitals provide transport for them to tertiary hospitals. Today, I saw a patient, Mrs Mamizi Mkhize, who has advanced cancer.

“She is due to go for further treatment at Greys hospital. I found her kneeling on the bench as she says she cannot put down her pelvis on the concrete floor.

“It was obvious if I had not arrived there, she was going to remain kneeling for the whole night. After the visit to Greys hospital, if she comes back late at Msinga, she would sleep on the benches again.

“I ordered the hospital to find her a decent place to sleep together with more than a dozen of mothers taking their children to hospitals in Pietermaritzburg.

“If hospital management had been exposed to Palliative care maybe they would have been sensitive to this need of our population,” the MEC said.

Although cognisant of the limited resources at their disposal in some cases, MEC Dhlomo has also urged management of health facilities throughout the province to take charge of their facilities, and find innovative ways to treat patients with respect and dignity, and to provide them with decent healthcare service.

“I urge management at all hospitals to report if they cannot house our patients, so that we can intervene.”

The MEC also expressed his disquiet with the state of cleanliness at the same hospital, and urged management to attend to it.


“Today, I saw a patient, Mrs Mamizi Mkhize, who has advanced cancer. She is due to go for further treatment at Greys Hospital. I found her kneeling on the bench as she says she cannot put down her pelvis on the concrete floor,” said Dr Dhlomo.

“It was obvious if I had not arrived there, she was going to remain kneeling for the whole night. After the visit to Greys Hospital, if she comes back late at Msinga, she would sleep on the benches again.

“I ordered the hospital to find her a decent place to sleep together with more than a dozen of mothers taking their children to hospitals in Pietermaritzburg. If hospital management had been exposed to palliative care maybe they would have been sensitive to this need of our population.”




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