BBB – Bruin Bemagtiging Beweging

The BBB (Bruin Bemagtiging Beweging) is a South African based Civil Rights Organisation established to advance the social, economic and political interest of all South African minorities, especially the Brown Communities (Coloured, Khoi, San, Griqua, Malay, Koranna and those referring to themselves as Kaaplanders). Join this facebook group to get first-hand information of events happening in your areas or just to get involved with planned activities.

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The Bruin Bemagtiging Beweging is an umbrella body that will continue to consolidate the strength of the Brown Communities of South Africa.


18 June 2013

Bruin Bemagtiging Beweging (BBB) invited 20 organisations, including political parties, to Goudini Spa outside Rawsonville to discuss the plight of coloured people.   The conference created the new group, and 13 organisations signed the declaration.

BBB president Danny Titus, who is also a member of the South African Human Rights Commission, said the new group was not aligned to any political party and would not contest next year’s election.

“We are focused on bigger things. If we focus on next year’s elections, what will happen after that?” he said.   He said the group was created because coloured people in the past felt that they were not white enough and now not black enough.

He said that coloured people couldn’t wait for the state or political parties like the ANC and DA to uplift them, but they had to start institutions to improve education, celebrate their diverse culture and ensure economic empowerment took place.

Marais said its members were descendants of Khoi, and other indigenous African tribes, Europeans and Asians.

He said the new group would decide on a name and constitution soon and seek a meeting with President Jacob Zuma “to discuss our demands”.

The group wants:    

l   – The government to recognise, with the introduction of law, the indigenous people and, in turn, coloured people as the decendants of these communities.

l   – No state institution to discriminate against a person based on race, colour or that they participated in apartheid institutions.

l   – Race classification to be scrapped in all statutes, by-laws and government documents.

l   – The children born of white parents after 1994 to also benefit from affirmative action.

Marais said the group had not yet decided on a leader.



Malema “haatspraak” – teenoor blankes





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