City of Death

Yes – 32 years have passed. Almost all the houses in the village – standing somewhere. A wooden bench, somewhere in the front of a house, a wooden table – arranged some essential tools on it – maybe cakes made in a single house, seasonal flowers in daisies, new flowers have come. One high apartment, standing like a ghost, standing alone, wondering is a surprise silence.



There is no man anywhere the village name is Pripyat, place name Chernobyl. 32 years have passed. The entry of people here is prohibited, only in the midst of radioactive tourism, the drunken traveller turns into an adventure traveller. They wear special clothes – it is also strictly forbidden to touch anything.

They see, under the blue sky, under the blue sky, green grass, wild horse rushing on the field, and the fish frozen in the river – rainwater is found in the leaves. These prohibits them not to touch them – because of the unconscious generation of poisonous poison, the home is tied to cancer deaths. This is a weird city, the city of sarcasm, the lives of living souls, Chernobyl 32 years have passed.

In April of 1986, Russia (currently Ukraine) exploded at the Chernobyl nuclear plant – the biggest industrial disaster in the history of the world. It took a lot of time to publish its far-reaching results. Today journalist-writers-victims have proved that Chernobyl is not just a minor accident, but in many countries of Europe, society-family-communication-socio-social-policy has been able to reverse it all. Chernobyl

In 2015, Nobel laureate Shawlana Alekseevich was able to say in an article in 1997, “Can you tell Belarus every time I hear the name of Chernobyl?” They also forgot about Belarus or Belorussian – Belarus’s history surrounding Chernobyl is still left to write, so today, someone or maybe someone will write it I live in Belarus. “Belorussian meaning ‘Belorussian’ or ‘White Russia’ – information The intensity of the explosion was so much that the radiation and radioactive particles mixed in the atmosphere of the sky – and, for a few days, due to the weather, it travels almost half of the whole world – it has been heard that almost half of the world spreads it, scientists have shown that even India A few weeks after the Chernobyl episode in Africa’s atmosphere, there was an abnormal amount of radioactive radiation However, neighbouring countries have been particularly affected, neighbouring countries Let’s try the example.

Chernobyl Dead Trees - Photo By Beatrice Lundborg

In the horrific fire of World War II, 619 villages of Belarus were destroyed by the German army, due to Chernobyl, 485 villages of Belarus were damaged. Of these 70 villages, soil is severely shown as a sign of radioactivity – they are buried 4 to 6 feet below ground. It’s also heard – 70 people, not all people, were buried in the ground at that time, during the war effort, unknown to the world. At the time of World War II, one in four people were killed in the Belarus population, in Chernobyl radiation, 1 in 5 people per Belarusian live in radioactive areas – living in radioactivity – about 2 million people (including 7 million children) in 1 in every 5 people.

Belarus’s Gomel and Mogilal Province have a mortality rate of more than 20%. 23% of the country’s land is damaged due to radioactivity. Radiation mixed with water in the river – golden fishes are notable – they also have poison mixed in their body. Headless children have been born, screams of scary tears, the new mothers all wanted to cry. Cancer There is no daily news, fear or astonishment anywhere. Before Chernobyl, 82,000 of every 1 million Belarus were infected – now the number exceeds 6000 – the net growth rate is about 74 times. Listen to the news of social degradation – the then Soviet government was so active to press the news, within less than 1 week of the accident – the other villages and cities of the country the children were brought in to Chernobyl on a May Day procession. They had cancer. ‘Volunteers’ were ‘motivated’, without the least security, they were reduced to the determination of Chernobyl accident – in the absence of excessive radioactive radiation, no electronic instrument or robot could work in any way. The various forms of death or sickness that I have had the chance to read in various times – I wrote here that it was difficult for me, such an extreme form of ugly bereavement that Chernobyl The Soviet government raises surveillance on scientists, so that no one will be able to make any blasphemous comments anywhere. Sociologists also now see Chernobyl’s contribution among the causes of the Soviet collapse.


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