Daar is nooit wenners in enige oorlog nie, behalwe lewensverlies, vernietiging en nog meer armoede.  Heelwat ou foto’s en video materiaal in Portugees.   Same pattern follows other countries, with corruption and destruction.  Communism.

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1929  Mosambiek  Mocambique
Imagens de Moçambique em 1929 / Images of colonial Mozambique (Portuguese East Africa) in 1929.



The “colonial rulers” were replaced by the corrupt political class that has been ruling since the end of the bloody civil war. They missmanage and rob the money that should be used to prevent the slow collapse of their country’s infra structure, health care, educational system etc.etc.
Frelimo and Renamo lied about their motives during the “liberation war” and were responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths during their race for power in the following so called “civil war”.
Indeed, civillians suffered most under the terror of these power hungry vultures. 


Guerra Colonial 1967/1973 – Moçambique

Dedico este “clipe” sobre a GC a todos os ex-combatentes das Nações Lusofonas, que pela sua dedicação, honra e gloria combateram entre si. Hoje a paz e amizade entre os povos irmãos sobrepõe-se a tudos os “odios” passados.
I dedicate this “clip” on the GC to all ex-combatants of the Lusophone Nations, who by their dedication, honor and glory have fought each other. Today the peace and friendship between the brotherly peoples overlaps all past “hatreds”.
Ek wy hierdie “clip” op die GC aan alle oud-vegters van die Lusophone-nasies wat deur hul toewyding, eer en glorie mekaar geveg het. Vandag oorvleuel die vrede en vriendskap tussen die broederlike mense al die verlede “haat”.




A Guerra da Independência de Moçambique, também conhecida (em Moçambique) como Luta Armada de Libertação Nacional, bem como Guerra Colonial Portuguesa foi um conflito armado entre as forças da guerrilha da FRELIMO (Frente de Libertação de Moçambique) e as Forças Armadas de Portugal. Oficialmente, a guerra teve início a 25 de Setembro de 1964, com um ataque ao posto administrativo de Chai no então distrito (actualmente província) de Cabo Delgado, e terminou com um cessar-fogo a 8 de Setembro de 1974, resultando numa independência negociada em 1975.
The Mozambican War of Independence, also known (in Mozambique) as the National Liberation Armed Forces, as well as the Portuguese Colonial War was an armed conflict between the FRELIMO guerrilla forces and the Armed Forces of Portugal. Officially, the war began on 25 September 1964, with an attack on the administrative post of Chai in the then district (now province) of Cabo Delgado, and ended with a ceasefire on 8 September 1974, resulting in a negotiated independence in 1975.
Die Mosambiekse Onafhanklike Onafhanklikheidsoorlog, ook bekend as (in Mosambiek) as die Nasionale Bevrydings Gewapende Magte, sowel as die Portugese Koloniale Oorlog was ‘n gewapende konflik tussen die FRELIMO-guerrilla-magte en die gewapende magte van Portugal. Amptelik begin die oorlog op 25 September 1964, met ‘n aanval op die administratiewe pos van Chai in die destydse distrik (nou provinsie) van Cabo Delgado, en geëindig met ‘n wapenstilstand op 8 September 1974, wat ‘n onderhandelde onafhanklikheid tot gevolg gehad het. in 1975.

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