Russiese hulp

’n Russiese aktivis van Stavropol in die suide van Rusland het verskeie versoeke van blankes veral Boere ontvang om in Rusland te hervestig.  Sy naam is Vladimir Poluboyarenko wat beteid is om almal te help wat hy kan.  Sover is daar 200 families.  Daar is heelwat belangstelling van burgers wat voelers uitsteek Na Rusland omrede moorde en onteiening van grond en besighede in SA en ook weens Ramaphosa se uitlate.  Berig in Sputnik geskryf deur Denis Bolotsky op 23 November 2018.


Vladimir Poluboyarenko has a last name that’s hard to pronounce for English-and Afrikaans-speaking South Africans, but in the past few months, the Christian activist and deputy ombudsman from Stavropol in Southern Russia has become a well-known figure in the “Rainbow Country”.

In July of this year, the news about Poluboyarenko’s televised initiative to invite Boers and Afrikaners to resettle in Russia spread quickly, and was translated into English and Afrikaans. The agriculturalists and their relatives currently face the ever-present threat of murder on their family farms as well as attempts by the government to expropriate their land through new legislative measures. Since then, the activist has recorded several video messages addressing the Boers.

Vladimir started receiving dozens of emails a week from Boers and Afrikaners who are willing to leave their country and relocate permanently to Russia. Many of them asked that their personal details not be published because of security concerns and the fear of being targeted.

Even though the initiative to invite South Africans to Russia was a private one, it received support from entrepreneurs, Christian activists, the Orthodox Church and, eventually, from local officials in three Russian territories — one in the south and two in the central part of the country.

Poluboyarenko stressed that the initiative is not aimed at particular social and religious groups, and besides farmers, he’s ready to help all South Africans who wrote to him — the rich and the poor, factory workers and coal miners, lawyers and artists.

Nevertheless, it’s becoming more difficult for the authorities to explain the recent farm attacks and murders in South Africa. The reports about farm attacks collected by Afrikaner NGOs look like news bulletins from a war zone, and not only locals fall victims to violence. Last week, Irish philanthropist and educator John Curran, who was working on projects sponsored by the ruling African National Congress (ANC), was brutally killed in his apartment building in Cape Town.


Read more about the Du Toits visit to Russia  during September 2018.







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