Katalonië (Spanje) Onafhanklikheid


Katalonia se boere het skoonskip gemaak in die roete en menige harte word verbly.  Hulle word beloon met die Kataloniese vlae wat wapper, al is hulle nog nie onafhanklik verklaar nie, getuig dit dat hierdie mense het deursettingsvermoë om enduit te gaan.   Sterkte aan hierdie mense in Katalonië, mag jul vryheid beloon word.

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Love the people of Catalonia.

Dit is inderwaarheid pragtige trekkers, duursaam en beslis ‘n gesig op die video om na te kyk.


They knew the role played by the “tractorada,” loosely a tractor armada, in Catalonia’s continuing independence movement.

In a region that draws part of its identity from the toughness of farmers, their tractors are now among the symbols of Catalonians’ fight for independence. In recent months, farmers have lent their strength to marches, riding slowly with the demonstrating masses. During the contentious referendum on independence, the tractors were positioned outside polling stations as a line of defense against intervention by the Spanish police.
The center of the Catalan independence movement is Barcelona, a cosmopolitan metropolis, where urbanites are at the core of the demonstrations — which is why the tractors are a seemingly unlikely symbol. Some tractors cost over 100,000 euros, around $117,000, and feature computers, joysticks, control panels with LED lights and air-conditioned cabins. Others are secondhand clunkers.


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