Morelos, Mexico Farming

  Half a century earlier, scientists collected and preserved samples of maize landraces in Morelos, Mexico. Now, descendants of those farmers were able to get back their ancestral maize seeds and, with them, a piece of their family history. * Maize is more than a crop in Mexico. In many cases, it connects families with… Continue reading Morelos, Mexico Farming

Mexico – Mayan temples at Xochicalco – Aztec

  Morelos. Morelos, estado (state), central Mexico. It is bordered to the west and north by the state of México and the Federal District, to the east and southeast by the state of Puebla, and to the south and southwest by the state of Guerrero. The capital is Cuernavaca.      It is divided into 36 municipalities and its capital city is… Continue reading Mexico – Mayan temples at Xochicalco – Aztec