Lana Marks’ father emigrated from Lithuania

  Lana Bank (Lana Marks) was born in East London, South Africa but now resides in Palm Beach, Florida. Her father, Alec Bank, had immigrated from Lithuania as a child; he was an affluent property developer and a leader in the Jewish community.   Like other friends of Mandela - Joe Slovo  also emigrated from Lithuania… Continue reading Lana Marks’ father emigrated from Lithuania

Mrs Marks : Land is a historically fraught

“Land is a historically fraught issue in which there are legitimate grievances by the majority.  On the other hand, you have to consider security, economy, productivity, not only for South Africans but for American companies doing business there. It’s being dealt with in a transparent manner which the Administration approves of.” was said by Lana… Continue reading Mrs Marks : Land is a historically fraught

Lana Marks

President Trump van Amerika het sy keuse vir nominasie  gemaak vir Ambassadeur in Suid-Afrika.  Lana Marks is 'n eks Suid-Afrikaner met Afrikaans en Xhosa sprekend.   Sy is 'n besigheidsvrou van handsakke ontwerp, maar sy is ook lid van sy privaat klub Mar-a-Lago wat 'n duur en eksklusiewe klub is, wat nie vir die gewone man… Continue reading Lana Marks