Mayotte island – Indian Ocean

Back on November 11, 2018, a planetwide rumble emanated from somewhere between eastern Africa and Madagascar. This strange signal, thought by scientists at the time to be related to a colossal but hard-to-identify magmatic process, was pinpointed to have come from 30 miles east of the island of Mayotte, beneath the waves. read also ... Active volcano… Continue reading Mayotte island – Indian Ocean

Active volcano : Mayotte island/sea

Geologists first noticed something unusual in the Indian Ocean in November 2018, when they detected a massive seismic event originating from a spot near to the French island of Mayotte. Now further research has revealed that the source of the seismic activity is an enormous underwater volcano. Mayotte is a magnet for Comoros islanders who risk… Continue reading Active volcano : Mayotte island/sea