Jan Smuts – Blue on Blue incident Germany

Not a lot of people know this, but the South African Air Force (SAAF) nearly killed General Jan Smuts in a ‘Blue on Blue’ incident – military speak for when you fire on your own forces. The incident also says a lot of Jan Smuts’ character – so what happened? Prior to the war, Oswald… Continue reading Jan Smuts – Blue on Blue incident Germany

Wooden ‘Mosquito’ and Luftwaffe Battlefield

The Mosquito was an unarmed bomber with a crew of two, able to carry a bigger bombload farther than a B-17. It was also a fighter-bomber and a night fighter with an eight-gun nose battery. It was the most productive photoreconnaissance aircraft of the war. A high-speed courier. A weather-recon airplane. A carrier-qualified torpedo bomber… Continue reading Wooden ‘Mosquito’ and Luftwaffe Battlefield