Chinese 2021 – Oxen year

Remember Washington 2021 and you will see who were involved in the whole scenario at the White house – it was not only Trump.    Look at those “radical protestors” playing as Trump supporters and their masks.   All those peoples are together with China at the end.   It is 2021 and it is the year of the Ox! This set includes the 12 animals you need for Chinese New Year / Chinese Zodiac. 

Lunar New Year Year of the Ox Masks Chinese Zodiac 12 | Etsy | Printable  animal masks, Animal masks, Printable animals


Those affiliated with the ox are conscientious, diligent, strong and steadfast in both their work and personal lives.

The ox commands the respect of others, but must be careful about being overly stubborn with the ones they love.


Refer to the video – 13:40 – look at the masks
Mike Pence has confessed to high crimes ans misdemeanors during his interrogation and has implicated Paul Ryan as a co-conspirator in the coup against President Trump. Plus…Jessie Czebotar of Illuminate The Darkness joins us to discuss the Illuminati Game and answer your questions.

Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost! Watch the full show at!

An Actor – the Horn guy
Jake Angeli


The horned, shirtless man has now been identified by two US Media Outlets AzCentral and WRIC as Jake Angeli. According to the reports, Angeli is a QAnon supporter who has been a fixture at Arizona right-wing political rallies over the past year.

Angeli was seen in photographs from Washington, D.C., amid protesters who turned violent and stormed the building. At one point, Angeli was seen on the dais of the U.S. Senate. He posed for a photo flexing his right arm; his left was holding a spear from which hung a U.S. flag.


There are more examples of the OX

AND the Corona virus

And HOW is Britain involved?

THE YEAR OF THE OX – This coin celebrates the Year of the Ox which begins on February 11, 2021. The eighth release in The Royal Mint’s popular Shēngxiào Collection, it depicts a bucolic image of an ox grazing in a field. The obverse features the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

Ox mask | Etsy


Great Britain

2021 Great Britain Year of the Ox 1 oz Silver Lunar Proof £2 Coin GEM Proof in its Original Government Packaging.

Lunar Year themed coins are popular collectibles, with a wide variety of designs available from Mints worldwide. This silver proof tribute to the Ox is a product of The Royal Mint of Great Britain.

  • This 2021 Year of the Ox coin is the eighth release of the Shengxiao Collection.
  • The coin is minted from 1 Troy oz. of .999 fine silver.
  • The coin is presented in the original Mint packaging.
  • Mintage is limited to only 3,998 proof coins.

2021 Great Britain Year of the Ox 1 oz Silver Lunar Proof £2 Coin GEM Proof  in its Original Government Packaging - ModernCoinMart

A Stunning Homage to the Year of the Ox

Obverse: The coin’s obverse features the likeness of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Inscribed “ELIZABETH II, D.G. REG. F.D., 2 POUNDS.” This fifth definitive coin effigy of the Queen was created in 2015 by sculptor Jody Clark, representing the first time a Royal Mint employee had been chosen to craft a monarchal coinage portrait in more than 100 years.

Reverse: The reverse illustrates the gentle nature of the Ox, as the creature grazes in an idyllic English countryside surrounded by blooming trees and grasses. The imagery is derived from 18th century paintings of prize cattle by British artists. Inscriptions include the Chinese character for Ox and “YEAR OF THE OX 2021.”

Gorgeous GEM Proof Coin

This 2021 Great Britain Year of the Ox 1 oz. Silver Lunar £2 Coin is ungraded, presented in GEM Proof condition, as originally packaged by The Royal Mint. The beautiful proof coin is encapsulated and nestled within a black display case, in a red Lunar series shipper with a Certificate of Authenticity.


2021 is the Year of the Ox according to Chinese zodiac. This is a Year of Metal Ox, starting from Feb. 12, 2021 (Chinese New Year) and lasting to Jan. 31, 2022. Ox is the second in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac sign. Years of the Ox include 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021, 2033…

Oxen used to be capable farming tools in an agricultural society, which attach to the symbol of diligence, persistence, and honesty. In Chinese culture, Ox is a faithful friend that made great contributions to the development of the society. Like the ox, people born in the Year of the Ox are industrious, cautious, hold their faith firmly, and always glad to offer help.

It is said that Ox ranks the second among the Chinese zodiacs because it helped the Rat but was later tricked by it. The myth goes that the Jade Emperor declared the order of zodiac signs would be based on the arrival orders of 12 animals. Ox could have arrived the first but it kindly gave a ride to Rat. However, when arriving, Rat just jumped to the terminus ahead of Ox, and thus Ox lost the first place.

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