Corona – 19 kissie

Daar is iets verskuil, en ons weet dit almal.  Vind uit wat is in die “Corona kissie” (Pandora)

Latest Coronavirus News (Live Updates)


Lockdown of countries, businesses and economy.    Control of all governments and peoples.   World Economic Forum played their role as well.   Read and listen.



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Corona Action plan (staging and smokescreen)
Using “crisis actors”
World Economic Forum – WEF

As the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation, the World Economic Forum, acting as partner to the World Health Organization, is mobilizing all stakeholders to protect lives and livelihoods.

The spread of COVID-19 demands global cooperation among governments, international organizations and the business community. This multistakeholder cooperation is at the centre of the World Economic Forum’s mission as the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation.

In this context, the new COVID Action Platform will focus on three priorities:



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Ajay Banga, Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab urge companies to support the COVID-19 Therapeutics Accelerator

“As daunting as it may seem, we can only fully get back to business when we’ve addressed the health concerns and when there are effective remedies to prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

These are the words of the leaders of Mastercard, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum, in a letter published today.

As a project of the COVID Action Platform, the COVID-19 Therapeutics Accelerator aims to identify and scale treatments to counter the virus.

To date, over $220 million has already been invested by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Mastercard, Wellcome, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, the Dell Foundation, and the UK Government. But more is needed.

“History will not forget this moment. After the physical distancing subsides and businesses begin to reopen, it may be asked: when the world faced a global pandemic, what did you do?”


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