Dr. Dan Erickson of Bakersfield, CA – Coronavirus


April 24, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Two California doctors may have started a revolution against the Wuhan virus extreme mitigation policies with their calm, very sincere, scientific-based and statistics-emphasizing presentation in a press conference two days ago. Dr. Artin Massihi and Dr. Dan Erickson are with Accelerated Urgent Care in Bakersfield California.

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I have constantly felt, from the beginning of this pandemic, that there are many things that do not add up about the unprecedented and devastating measures that have been put in place to try to stop this novel virus. They were all based on trying to prevent the high numbers of model-estimated deaths that have clearly all proven to be dramatically wrong.    Because of this I recently wrote the article, “Are globalists using coronavirus crisis as battering ram to destroy, remake world order?” The article has received far more Facebook likes and readership than any article I have written in over 20 years for LifeSite. Many are clearly sensing the same things.

The doctors note that the scientific and statistical evidence does not at all justify the general public becoming as terrified of this virus as they are and as the media continues to make them feel every day.  These two men note, from the evidence they present, that the chance of most of the public dying from the Wujan virus is actually very low and that, overall, it does not seem much worse than the seasonal flu. However, it is definitely now known that for persons with the frequently noted pre-existing health conditions, the virus has been very dangerous and that is where the larger majority of the greater than normal number of recorded deaths for an annually occuring virus have come from.

One of the crucial things they highlight is that we normally do not isolate healthy people during a disease outbreak. During this pandemic, both the sick and the healthy or otherwise vulnerable are being forced to endure substantial isolation that results in many negative and even life-threatening outcomes, such as increased suicides, child molestations and dangerous addictions.

They also warn this extended indoors isolation out of the sun and fresh air will weaken the  immune systems of healthy people to the point that they will be more susceptible to the Wuhan virus and other communicable diseases after the isolation is ended. This could cause an unexpected flood of otherwise avoidable, seriously ill patients into hospitals when the isolation period is ended..    More and more people are asking “why are we doing all of this?,” “What has been the real benefit of it, if any,” and “can we keep going on like this for much longer without causing massive social, economic and even health damage that could take years to recover from?” 

These two doctors have taken a heroic risk in being publicly honest about what they have been seeing, experiencing and asking themselves, as they have seen too many people with serious health issues dangerously avoiding hospitals because of unwarranted fear of infection, while far fewer people are dying from the virus than they realize.

Viewer comments posted under the video

  • These are the smartest, most logical and most professional doctors we are seeing right here. No other doctors are speaking truths like these two fine examples of boldness and professionalism.  Facts!!
  • Huge respect to these 2 doctors speaking out and exposing this nonsense. I’m seeing more and more medical professionals speaking up.
  • Unfortunately the masses aren’t really interested in the facts.
  • Brilliant Doctors who actually care about the truth instead of just a paycheck. This exposes the PLANdemic and needs to be shared worldwide!
  • The reporters love saying, trust the science, until the science doesn’t match up with their agenda. Love that the truth finally seems to be coming out.
  • The job of the journalists is to keep the COVID scare going.
  • You know what’s sad about this..? In the current state of people’s minds, they probably won’t believe it.
  • Now u see why they wanted only people with symptoms to test. So it would manipulate the real numbers
  • Medicare pays hospitals more when a patient dies of covid-19! Thats why the hospital admin is pressuring doc to add it to the cause of death.
  • The condescending tone and rudeness of the first reporter show how angry they are with real science and immunology!
  • As a retired Neurosurgeon, my hat’s off to these two physicians! They are spot on!
  • These two should be around Trump. Not the completely corrupt Fauci and Brix.
  • So proud of MY ER Doctors in this video!! May God watch over them, as exposing the lies can be detrimental to one’s well-being.
  • When someone is talking BS to you it leaves a bad feeling.   When someone is speaking the truth it leaves a good feeling.  These guys should be on national tv for all.
  • reporters are thinking. ” this does not fit the narrative we are going with “
  • We all need to ask just what the hell is going on here.
  • If something needs to go viral, I guess this is it.
  • Those of us out there, with common sense and are not wearing masks, going out often, will be the ones taking care and helping those that cowered in the irrational fear that the media, and the WHO and CDC has spread everywhere. Kudos to those of you that didn’t cower in fear.
  • Love “not science” disarming the Big Lie of Fauci, Scarf lady, Bill Gates.
  • Dr. Massishi is a brilliant man too as well as Dr. Erikson, they’re both heroes.  This video is a gamechanger, we should share it as much as possible and listen twice to be able to memorize quotes and content from it to share with others.   I’m glad that that the two doctors are so calm and well able to explain it even with these aggressive reporters trying to catch them out.
  • Thanks for making and uploading this fantastic video.


BACKGROUND – Kern County urgent care centers selected for this pilot program include the five locations of Accelerated Urgent Care in Bakersfield and the Ridgecrest Regional Hospital’s Urgent Care Center in Ridgecrest. There are no VA-contracted partners within the KRV since this area currently has no urgent care centers in operation. There are also five more contracted centers in Palmdale, Lancaster, Valencia, and Simi Valley.

Picturedfrom left are Dick Taylor, Kern County Veterans Service Officer; Dr. Daniel Erickson, CEO of Accelerated Urgent Care; Congressman and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy; and Dr. Artin Massihi, partner in Accelerated Urgent Care.
Urgent care for veterans now faster and closer – Kern Valley Sun

Doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi of Accelerated Urgent Care are calling for the county to reopen despite the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.    The two held a press conference Wednesday during which they talked about the coronavirus pandemic both at the state and local level.   During the conference Dr. Erickson said patients in need of other treatments are not coming into doctors offices because of fear.

“When I talk to E.R. physicians around the country, what’s happening? Well because COVID has become the focus, people with heart disease, people with cancer, hypertension and various things that are critical are choosing not to come in based on fear. So what that’s doing is forcing the healthcare system to focus on COVID and not focus on a myriad of other things that are critical, because we don’t have the staff there and the major complaint is fear,” said Erickson.

The doctors talked about the quarantine measures currently in place and stated that quarantining the healthy goes against what they studied.

“We decided to keep people at home and isolate them, even though everything we’ve studied about quarantine , typically you quarantine the sick.    When someone has measles you quarantine them.

We’ve never seen the healthy, where you take those without disease and without symptoms and lock them in your home. So some of these things from what we’ve studied from immunology and microbiology aren’t really meshing with what we know as people of scientific minds who read this stuff,” said Erickson.

However, Kern County Public Health, the CDC, the California Department of Health and the Governor of California are continuing to recommend the public practice safe social distancing practices during this time. They recommend people stay six feet apart, wear masks when in heavily congested areas, wash hands regularly and avoid touching your face. They also continue to recommend self quarantine measure to ensure the illness is not spread to others.

Public Health offered the following response when Eyewitness News reached out for comment on the press conference:

“In our ongoing effort to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 on our residents and healthcare system, we continue to adhere to the guidance issued by Governor Newsom regarding the stay at home order. Kern County Public Health Services recommends the following protective measures:”

  • Stay at home except for essential needs.
  • Practice social distancing.
  • Wash hands with soap and water often.
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue or your elbow.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Stay away from work, school or other people if you become sick.
  • Wear face covering while in public if you are unable to maintain social distancing.

When discussing the illness, Dr. Erickson talked about the number of infections in California and compared that to the numbers in Kern County.

“In Kern County, we’ve tested, 5,213 people and we have 340 positive COVID cases. Well that’s 6.5 percent of the population. Which would indicate a widespread viral infection similar to the flu,” Dr. Erickson said.

He continued, “So if you look at California, these numbers are from yesterday, we have 33,865 COVID cases out of a total of 280,900 total tested that’s 12 percent of Californian’s were positive for COVID.”

Dr. Erickson went on to say that the initial projections for the illness showed millions cases of death and called them “woefully inaccurate.” He said those results were not materializing.

“Well we have 39.5 million people, if we just take a basic calculation and extrapolate that out, that equates to about 4.7 million cases throughout the state of California. Which means this thing is widespread, that’s the good news. We’ve seen 1,227 deaths in the state of California with a possible incidents or prevalence of 4.7 million. That means you have a 0.03 chance of dying from COVID-19 in the state of California,” said Dr. Erickson.

Dr. Erickson asked if numbers that low necessitated people sheltering in place, shutting down medical systems and putting people out of work.

“I also wanted to mention that 96 percent of people in California who get COVID recover,” he said.

Earlier Wednesday Governor Gavin Newsom held a press conference in which he said the state is not quite ready to reopen and that he is continuing to work with other government entities to reopen the state when possible. He also stated the importance of widespread testing for the illness.

Eyewitness News is currently reaching out to Public Health as well as other doctors offices to further talk about the coronavirus and the importance of safe social distancing practices.


*Kern County Public Health taking time Thursday morning at a press conference to respond to statements made Wednesday by two doctors at Accelerated Urgent Care.   “I’ve talked to our local head of health department, and he’s waiting for that. Even though they’re in agreement with me, they’re waiting for the powers that be to lift,” Dr. Dan Erickson, of Accelerated Urgent Care, said.

Among the topics addressed was the claim by the two physicians, Doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi- who are also the owners of Accelerated Urgent Care- that the director of Kern Public Health, Matt Constantine, was in agreement with their statements to re-open Kern County.

“The doctor at Accelerated has spoken with our director. Our director has not concurred with the statements that were made yesterday about the need to re-open at this time,” Michelle Corson, Public Information Officer for Kern County Public Health, said.

Public Health says that in order to flatten the curve and get the county moving again, maintaining social distancing for the time being is essential.

And when asked if the doctors’ remarks endanger the greater public health, Corson said they’re following the advice of the country’s best experts.

“There are top medical minds in our state, in our county, in our nation that are providing this guidance to us. And we concur that these are actions that we should be taking right now and we are steadfast in our recommendation to our community to continue this,” Corson said.

That’s not to say that they don’t understand the frustration among many.

But in order to get businesses moving again as quickly as possible, Public Health says staying at home a little while longer is the best way to achieve that goal.

“This is difficult. We know this is difficult on our businesses. We work with them on a daily basis and we appreciate our businesses because the majority of them are taking this very seriously, and they are doing what is being asked of them,” Corson said.



Dr. Dan Erickson of Bakersfield, CA just dropped multiple bombshells that completely eviscerate the official government narrative. Main points made by the doctor: 1. The answer as to whether or not we need to continue to stay at home and keep businesses closed is an emphatic “NO”. 2. Covid-19 is in fact no more dangerous than seasonal flu. 3. Quarantining is a health hazard in and of itself. 4. ER doctors are being pressured to add Covid-19 to death reports. 5. Not about science. Not about Covid-19. When they use the word “safe” – that’s about controlling you.


Dr. Dan Erickson of Accelerated Health Care talks about the impact of the coronavirus on Kern County.

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