With help from foreign countries like Turkey, Sudan has been working to restore Suakin as tourism and trade destination.

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Operation Dawn of Gulf of Aden in 2011



Turkey intervened last year in the Qatar-gulf crisis – one of the biggest diplomatic rifts in a decade. Qatar was cornered by several fellow GCC member states over accusations of supporting terrorism. The impact of that move seems to have lingered, with Arab nations now criticising Turkey about a recent deal struck with Sudan. Sudan handed over Suakin Island located in the Red Sea to Turkey to build a naval dock and boost tourism. But Sudan’s neighbours see it as a threat to their security. Omer Kablan reports.



Coral Buildings

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Suakin is the old harbor at the Red Sea in Sudan. It is the place where the ferry from Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) arrives and still an inportant fishing harbor.


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Eric Lafforgue

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Coral buildings

Image result for Suakin OTTOMANS CORAL BUILDING



Suakin: Sudan’s forgotten Red Sea port



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