Singapore – Toddler burnt in hot water by the housemaid

Die werker wat die kinders opgepas het in Singapore is in hegtenis geneem nadat sy die baba met opset gebrand het in kookwater.   Dit is skokkend dat so iemand tot sulke dade in staat is en dan nog betaling verwag vir haar dade – hoe kan sy kinders oppas?   Verbrand ook haar hande soos sy die baba sin verbrand het en sluit haar toe.   Hoeveel ander is aandadig?

Image result for Maid caught on cctv repeatedly dipping toddler’s hand into boiling water.


Singaporean police have arrested a maid who deliberately dipped a toddler’s hand inside hot water.   The toddler is believed to be the maid’s boss child, the housemaid which was said to be home alone with the child took her to the kitchen and dipped the baby’s hand inside hot water.   This was recorded on the CCTV that was planted in one corner of the kitchen.   The mother of the child, Amy Low Mei Lian posted the video online and pictures of her babies piled hands.

“I felt something was amiss and I decided to check the CCTV footage at home while waiting for the maid to be picked up. And what I saw was horrifying. The maid,  did it on purpose! It was never an accident! She took my daughter’s hand and dipped her hand inside a boiling pot. I was shaking throughout and made a police report immediately,” Lian wrote.

“I never thought this would happen to my daughter. Because of commitments in life, both my husband and I have to work, hence we decided to hire a maid, to look after our 16-month-old girl. Little did we know, this was the beginning of our nightmare.

It happened on 14 January 2020  at 5.13 pm. The maid was at home with both my daughters, 8 year old and 16 month old.   At 5.20 pm, my 8 year old called my husband up and told him that my 16 month old had suffered a burnt. We were shocked and rushed our girl to a nearby clinic, but the doctor thought it was too serious a burn wound hence referred us to hospital instead.

Since the maid started working, we had told her that her priority is always to look after our girl and never to bring our girl into the kitchen. We can always take away dinner and there is no need for her to cook. I questioned the maid and she explained that it was an accident.

She was carrying my girl while cooking in the kitchen and that my daughter ‘touched’ the pot by herself and the maid didn’t expect it to happen as it happened too quick. We chose to believe her even when the doctor  had some doubts about the cause of the burnt wounds.

The next  morning, the maid packed all her belongings and insisted to go back to the agency. I kept assuring her that we never blamed her, as it was just an accident, she can still stay on and work for us. But she was very insistent hence I called the agency up.

The agent told me that he would get someone to pick up the maid, and take it as a transfer case (to transfer the maid out to another family) so that the 6 months loan that I have paid for the maid could be returned to me. I chose to believe and listen to the agent.
I felt something was amiss and I decided to check the CCTV footage at home while waiting for the maid to be picked up. And what I saw was horrifying.

Singapore 01 - VIDEO: Housemaid caught on CCTV dipping her boss 9mo baby's hand inside boiling water

The maid, she did it on purpose!   It was never an accident! She took my daughter’s hand and dipped her hand inside a boiling pot.   I was shaking throughout and made a police report immediately.    While waiting for the police, I notified the agent of what had happened. The agent started to be agitated and insisted that we should return the maid to the agency and end it just like that.

Before the police arrived, I questioned the maid why did she do that to my daughter. She said she wants to go home, she said that her friends taught her to do it so that she could go home. 

And when I asked if the agent was also involved, she said yes – he said that I could go home if I do this! How horrifying! (The maid came to work for us for about a month and she did mention that she wants to go home 2 weeks ago, but all was settled after the agent met and spoke to her. Did the agent teach her to do that when they met?)     During this period, the agent kept threatening and harassing me. Accused me that I am a bad employer – that I abuse the maid hence the maid wanted to leave, which I never do.

The agent’s behaviour had gone way over the boundaries hence I made another police report, as I was really frightened that the agent would do something to my family.   But the outcome was disappointing, the police mentioned that unless the agent harassed us again, else they won’t be taking any further action. 

I always thought that the police is for the people, this is Singapore, this is supposed to be one of the safest countries in the world, but no, the police can’t do much unless something fatal happened?   I chose to believe in the maid, and she hurt my daughter.   I chose to believe in the agent, and he could be the one who is behind all these. 

I chose to have faith in the law and the police force but all I get is to wait for something else to happen before they could really take any further action.   There is nothing I want more than justice for my daughter, is that too much?   I won’t be disclosing further information about the agency. But I plea that all of you to keep a close eye on your domestic helpers” Lian explained.

Watch the video below:    She did this on purpose – it is terrible and shocking!   They must do the same to her and the others that planned this to a little baby.    Just wonder what else she did to the baby.

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