CSIR management and union members


The matter between NASA and the CSIR has been bubbling for at least two months.   In the first instances.   Who signed the contracts when people were appointed at any company – the worker accept the requirements and duties?   Obvious, if you are not happy, go and find another job.    OR even better, create your own company, create work opportunities and appoint black people to work for you and see how it will operate under your own people.    Watch the Black on white racism.   Those white workers are working for the CSIR and they are only workers and not the CSIR company.   Those others are illegal and racist.

csir nasa


Dis nie waaroor dit gaan nie, enige verskoning word gebruik om aftakeling te bespoedig.   Die aftakeling van nog ‘n Staatsentiteit is nie ver nie, sekeres se optredes is voorspelbaar en dat die SAPS nie die onwettiges wil verwyder of uit vergesel nie, is ‘n groot teken waar is die lojaliteit van die SAPS lede (hier teenwoordig is).    Dit is ook nie ‘n demokrasie nie, maar #kommunisme, waar die regering alles gaan beheer en besit, een werkgewer, die res gaan vir hulle werk  OF…   Swart bestuur is baie slim of word opdragte eerder uitgegee, veral as daar rassisme gebraak kan word.

Dis so opsigtelik – die twee blankes word verskree asof hulle die WNNR is en dis nie hulle wat die reels maak nie en nog minder het hulle aanstellings gedoen.   Die dokument word opgeskeur en in hul gesigte teruggegooi met die vingers wat oral in wit gesigte ronddwaal – waag dit om so teenoor ‘n swarte op te tree en die hel is los.

Die blanke personeel word uitgestuur en uiteindelik word die blankes die rassiste genoem en as sondebokke uitgekryt.    Let op wie is in beheer van die SOE’s (WNNR).   Die blanke vrou wat die oorhandiging van die topbestuur en Uitvoerende beampte moes uitvoer, word blootgestel en dis haar menseregte wat hier geskend word.


History – geskiedenis
CSIR function – SOE’s – WNNR – van toeka tot nou


Tensions were palpable at the Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research’s (CSIR) headquarters in Pretoria, on Tuesday. Leaders of the National Association of South African Workers’ Union (NASA) picketed at the entrance of the building demanding an appearance from the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Thulani Dlamini.

The matter between NASA and the CSIR has been bubbling for at least two months. In December 2019, the scientific research company issued a statement, noting that workers represented by the trade union had gone on strike “as a result of an impasse.”

CSIR spokesperson, Tendani Tsedu revealed that the protests were fueled by a trade union that is forcing itself “to be recognised as the official employee union within the organisation.”

“To date, NASA Workers confirmed membership amongst CSIR employees is for 41 staff members only. This is insignificant and not sufficiently representative of the CSIR staff complement of approximately 2300 employees, to warrant any formal recognition consideration,” Tsedu explained.

A little more than a month later, NASA leaders were recorded picketing at the company’s headquarters. In the footage, one of the members, identified in leaked security comms as Mpho Morolane, was seen tearing up a notice from the company which laid out an ultimatum for the protesting workers.

Dr Thulani Dlamini is the CEO of the CSIR
Dr Thulani Dlamini is the Chief Executive Officer of the Council for Industrial and Scientific Research (CSIR). He was appointed in this position in February 2017, but he is no stranger to the CSIR having previously served the organisation with distinction for many years.

Things soon escalated into a full-blown confrontation when another leader from the CSIR was verbally attacked by the trade unionists, in front of the police who stood by watching.

The police officers refused to escort the group out of the building and the video cuts off in the midst of the heated confrontation.

In the statement released by CSIR in December 2019, Tsedu had explained that the protest action led by NASA was, in the eyes of the law, deemed as an illegal gathering.

“According to section 189A(7) of the Labour Relations Act, no party may go on strike or lock-out until the end of the 60-day period of consultation, which only commenced on 26 November 2019 {with the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration),” he said.

Regardless, NASA workers have vowed to continue with their protest. The scientific research company has accepted this. However, they have made it clear that those who participate in illegal gathering will sacrifice their wages.

“The CSIR recognises and respects the rights of any employee who wishes to participate in the strike, but a no-work-no-pay principle will be applied,” the statement read.

Watch: Unionists in heated confrontation with CSIR management






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