Mangaung metro – Bloemfontein under administration

Wat anders verwag, die wat daar is kan dit nie bestuur nie, maar het reeds alles in die grond in bestuur.    Dienste word nie voorsien nie, water wat ‘n noodsaaklikheid word al vir ‘n geruime tyd nie aan inwoners verskaf nie.   Dienste het soos in baie ander stede en dorpe, ophou bestaan om voort te gaan.   Bloemfontein metro onder administrasie geplaas in die week  18 Desember 2019.

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The Free State government has placed the troubled Mangaung Metro, which includes Bloemfontein, under administration.

The embattled Mangaung municipality, including Bloemfontein, has been placed under administration.   A meeting was held with the Free State executive council on Wednesday to “consider intervention into the municipality with the immediate goal to safeguard public funds, and ultimately restore the capacity of the City to fulfil its functions”.

The meeting was led by premier Sefora Ntombela.

In a letter written to Ntombela, deputy minister of finance David Masondo raised concerns about the “fiscal capacity” of the municipality.

The executive council found that there was an under spending of conditional grants and that conditional grant funds were potentially being used for operations.

The council also found that the municipality was operating at a deficit and was facing severe financial risks.

This prompted the council to intervene in the metro.

MEC for co-operative governance and traditional affairs, Thembeni Nxangisa, and MEC for finance, Gadija Brown, are expected to hold a council meeting on December 24.

“It was of utmost importance that we hold this meeting, take a decision and save Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality.

“We are confident that this decision shall yield better results for the city and its citizens,” Ntombela said.



Why is it best for struggling metros to be placed under administration?

When a municipality is placed under administration, it means that from that point onwards, its functions will be overseen by an appointed administrator.

According to the DA’s Regional Chairperson in Oudtshoorn, Jaco Londt, the metro’s executive is pushed to the sidelines and it becomes the duty of the administrator “to manage and oversee the day-to-day running of the municipality”.

“Section 139 of the South African Constitution allows provincial intervention in local government when that municipality fails to fulfil their executive obligations in terms of the constitution or legislation,” Londt explained.



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