Vicki Momberg


She was the victim of crime, paid already extra from her pocket to medical care and treatment.  If a white (or coloured/black) has been attacked, in house, street or business, same happened to them.   They are the victims, the government is not bothered at all.  Criminals get away with everything.



If there was no “smash and grab” against Vicky Momberg on that day, there was no incident at all.

Crime rules the country, not the ANC or otherwise they still get more income (15% VAT) on all crime related incidences.    Excellent income from the criminals to government.

Crime statistics the last 25 years showed how high  it is in South Africa and what is the Police or government do about that?   


I am of the opinion that they discriminate against the Whites in South Africa and also in this case of Vicky Momberg – and they also violate her (our) human rights.


South African Criminal Law and Procedure: Common-law crimes

By Peter M. A. Hunt, John Milton




FACTS:   It is an offense for a white person to swear at a black person in SA (with the K word).     The law Crimen Injuria was specifically created for this reason. It was a legal way for black people to fight back at the police and whites. Basically the law says that you can’t impair the dignity of another person.

But – Everyday whites are told by all political leaders that they are thieves and murdererss and worthless, then leaders that sing to kill all whites.    There were cases against Malema but nothing happened to him or his/anc’s supporters.

They are all singing intentionally to kill us.   Do you  see any whites charging any black politicians with Crimen Injuria?

Do we sing to kill all the whites in the country?  There are many examples of the one side rules in South Africa.   

What about B-BBEE – that is 100% racism and discrimination, only against the small little minority whites in South Africa.  It is also a violation of our human rights to discrimination our white race, and be called thieves, frogs and any other names.


On 3 November 2017, the Randburg Regional Court will deliver its verdict on November 30 after it found her guilty of four counts of crimen injuria.     State prosecutor Yusuf Baba indicated that he would need adequate time to present the aggravating factors that should be considered in reaching a verdict.

The minimum prescribed sentence for crimen injuria is a fine or suspended sentence.

Delivering her verdict‚ Magistrate Pravina Rugoonandan said Momberg’s actions were intentional and hurtful.

Momberg has already also been told to pay a hefty fine to one of the police officers who pursued a civil case against her. 



Another similar case that made headline in 2016 involved Penny Sparrow‚ who was found guilty of racism after she likened black people to monkeys. Sparrow‚ who is also a real estate agent‚ was ordered by the Equality Court to pay R150 000 to the Oliver and Adelaide Tambo Foundation.


What did Vicky said:

“I’m not guilty of a crime, I’m guilty of lashing out because of the trauma that I was under,” she continued.    While Momberg feels racism is not a crime, Magistrate Pravina Rugoonandan disagreed, finding Momberg guilty of four counts of crimen injuria last year for calling a black police officer the k-word 48 times when he came to her aid following a smash-and-grab incident.


Again – what happened to those criminals of smash and grab, it was also traumatic to Vicky.   


Did the police found them and what was the verdict in court? 


Again – what happened then to Zuma, Malema, Ramaphosa (his frog story), all the supporters that sing songs to kill the Boers, the farmers and how many of us were killed since 1994 they started with this so-called “struggled” songs.   If we will sing the same kind of songs, they will put us in jail.  What happened to the “old South African flag” as well?

Why are the leaders of most political parties in South Africa offending the Boers with their songs or all Whites in South Africa with their B-BBEE legislations, the songs of killing all whites and that just disappears over the horizen.

There are different rules and black economic empowerment is racism and discrimination against only the whites in South Africa since 1994.   Are they so afraid against the tiny little minority Whites in South Africa

She was sentenced to three years in prison, one of which one was suspended, in the first case of someone being sent to jail for using South Africa’s most notorious racial slur. She has since attempted to appeal both the verdict and sentence, with judgment on her appeal having been reserved on Tuesday. She has gone through five different legal teams so far, with her last set of lawyers quitting in dramatic fashion after Momberg engaged in a rant in court , speaking directly to the judge despite her lawyers urging her not to do so.

“I landed up being traumatised to the point that I was treated on the side of the road,” she said, seemingly in an attempt to show her outburst was caused by the stress of the smash-and-grab she had endured.    “I went for a bit of counselling and I was put on some medication from the incident.”

“There are programmes like the Trevor Noah show where they promote saying the k-word,” she said, probably referring to his 2012 one-man show That’s Racist, in which he suggested that black people should try and reclaim the word in a  similar way to how the n-word has been reclaimed by African Americans.
“Black people have called black people the k-word,” she continued, possibly referring to cases such as the trial of businessman Peter-Paul Ngwenya, who faces charges of crimen injuria for using the slur in reference to Investec chief executive Fani Titi.


According to the ‘Sunday Times’, a warrant for her arrest was issued on 1 August after she failed in her bid to appeal a crimen injuria conviction and two-year jail sentence.   Did the police caught the people that attacked and robbed her when she was driving before she mentioned the “K” word.     What happened to those criminals and all othe others in South Africa that killed various people.

We all know, she was supposed to hand herself over to police 30 days after her application.   But the police’s Mathapelo Peters said this had not been the case.     “Police have since on numerous occasions visited two addresses, one in Bedfordview and the other in Krugersdorp, with the last visit as recent as this past week, and Ms Momberg was not at either of these addresses.”   Peters added that police were doing all they could to track Momberg down.   Again, what happened to those that attacked her while driving?   In South Africa it is only the white people that tracked down and not the criminals.

Both Zuma and Malema were not guilty of anything, and they still singing and wanting to kill the Boers and Whites in the country.   Ramaphosa is ongoing with his blatant accusations that whites stole land, but never ever came up with evidence regarding this, but prefer to referred that whites are frogs in his sauna pot.   What a ugly movement and communist words, if we as whites will refer to them as frogs, we will go straight to jail – like Vicki.    Nothing happened to him as well as so-called president of a country or previous ones.   Zuma is also at the Zondo commission with all the corruption and nothing happened so far.   How many killers and rapers are in jail  or court cases since 1994? And if they are, then they have a 10 star lifestyle in jail with all benefits, not the victim.


Convicted racist Vicki Momberg has been rearrested on Wednesday after she was said to be on the run.   Momberg handed herself over to police after a warrant of arrest was issued due to her no-show in court in August.   The former real estate agent was found guilty of four charged of crimen injuria after using the k-word during an altercation with a police officer back in 2016.

Convicted racist Vicki Momberg could face more charges when she’s recaptured by police.   Momberg has been on the run for weeks now after she failed to hand herself in to police in August after her bid to appeal her conviction and two-year sentence failed.   She was found guilty of four counts of crimen injuria for using the K-word 48 times as she racially abused a police officer in 2016.   Police said that she could be charged for being in contempt of court for her disappearance.   The NPA’s Phindi Mjonondwane said that Momberg had approached the Supreme Court to appeal the High Court’s ruling.   “Ms Momberg filed a notice to appeal with the Supreme Court of Appeal on 12 August coupled with a condonation for late filing od a notice of appeal which was filed on the next day which was 13 August 2019.”



When any white person will sing exactly the SAME “ANC struggled song” for black citizens during court cases or black funerals and replace the “word” Boer with “K-word” or “black” (to kill the black people), the current government will take action against those white singers as in the case of Vicky.   
What happened in the past regarding this “kill the boer song” – there are discrepancies, two sets of rules in South Africa.   Vicky Momberg is a typical example of two sets of rules – one for the whites and one for the others.   
While Vicky was attacked by blacks, nothing happened to them, but she was arrested and sentenced because of the “K” word.    She is the victim of a traumatic crime incident.
“Kill the boer” song


SAPRA is registered with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission as a non-profit company (NPC 2018/620182/08).
SAPRA – Defamation and crimen injuria


The media call Vicky Momberg a racist, because she mentioned the “K” word a few times (48) when she was attacked and robbed in 2016.   As usual – nothing happened with the attacker and terrorist (when she was attacked)  – same with the killers in our country – they have more rights than the citizens.   Not sure who counted the 48 K words in 2016.   She was sentenced to prison for two years, while others like the BLF and EFF leaders, Malema, also other singers like Zuma are still singing “Kill the Boer, kill the Farmer” .    She is not the only one …
Vicky Momberg – “k” word – crimen injuria


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