Foreign currency – SA to African countries – Eco Cash Cassava


Cassava Fintech is a subsidiary of Cassava Smartech, the Technology Business which forms part of the Econet Group, the Telecommunications, Media, Technology and Fintech Group (TMTF) with about 20 brands in its stable. Through our fully-fledged, secure and scalable pan-African remittances platform EcoCash Remit facilitates diaspora remittances across the Region as well as in Europe into Africa. We have remittance licenses for the UK/ EU allowing us to remit to Africa and the rest of the world. We are the largest termination platform for all remittances funds sent to Zimbabwe the largest money transfer business using its platform as the primary collection point.



The company operates in the core areas of mobile cellular telephony, fixed public networks, and internet and satellite services. A recognised entrepreneur, Mr. Masiyiwa has also been involved in the development of Africa’s independent media. Strive Masiyiwa and his family live in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Econet Wireless – Strive Masiyiwa – Rockefeller Foundation


Cassava Fintech South Africa, a member of the Econet Group, has launched an enhanced cross-border money transfer service from South Africa to the rest of Africa.    Darlington Mandivenga, Group Chief Executive for Cassava Fintech International, said that although the remittances space has a number of players, Cassava is not “just another player”. “We do things differently and have grown our business by responding quickly to market needs,” said Mandivenga.    According to Mandivenga, what they offer is informed by what customers want and they know through research that they want more than just the ability to send and receive money.    Cassava has a track record of developing and scaling fintech services including mobile money, mobile micro-insurance, payments, and digital banking.   Cassava’s value proposition has unique bolt-on services such as the Cassava Home Wallet and the Breadwinner services which offer remitting customer benefits that are not offered by its competitors.

The Home Wallet service enables customers to open mobile money wallets in their countries of origin and send money into these wallets from anywhere in the world. These funds can be used to perform all mobile money wallet functions as if the customer was back home, including paying utility bills, buying groceries for loved ones, or paying school fees. This decreases the risk of abuse and the use of funds for purposes other than what the sender had intended, which is a major challenge in most African markets.

The Breadwinner service is death benefit cover that pays out benefits to a customer’s designated beneficiary in their country of origin should the customer pass away. This benefit is available at no additional cost to the customer provided they use the Cassava remittance service consistently over a period of time.  Mutsa Sibanda, COO for Cassava Fintech South Africa, says, “We believe that we have an unmatched end to end cross border money transfer service for this massive market”.     “Our strategy includes pervasive distribution through strong local partnerships both locally and in the receiving markets. In South Africa we have partnered with a leading national retailer with over 1,500 outlets and merchant aggregators who have a combined footprint of more than 160,000 formal and informal outlets that include spaza shops,” added Sibanda.

Cassava Fintech provides unparalleled access to over 200 million mobile money wallets  and 100 million bank accounts across Africa which provide last mile access for remittances from South Africa, EU and the UK.    The Cassava Group also offers international remittance services to all African countries under the brand name Cassava Remit Limited in the UK.

The number of Zimbabweans living in South Africa & Botswana is too big to ignore there is a lot of money involved If Econet is going to make money they need to consolidate all their services into 1 App, The same Application should manage transactions in Botswana, South Africa & Zimbabwe & they can create 1 Card for transacting in the 3 countries the same card can carry both FCA funds & ZWE dollar . As Mr Gambakwe is saying there is vast opportunities here people can pay for airtime,TV subscriptions ,taxi rides , Restaurants & all in 1 App more like the Chinese WeChat Strive already has businesses in these countries so it’s easier for him to create such a platform other countries can be added to the platform as time goes I have a good idea of how all can be put together, I just have a little bit of knowledge but less experience with software engineering I could have prepared a pitch presentation to the Econet team.


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