TRRC – GAMBIA – never again

Unbelievable :  a Truth, Reconciliation and Reparation Commission in Gambia … is this kind of “guilt commissions trips all over in Africa or else”?
NEVER AGAIN – good luck to those citizens in Gambia that “believe” that … never again is the real TRUTH  …  it was said in South Africa 1994, but more than 500000 people were killed.

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TRRC – Gambia justifies release of confessed hitmen who killed for Jammeh

Never again – empty bucket of promises



The TRRC is a place for all Gambians to join in uncovering the truth, seeking justice and ensuring grave violations of human rights never happens again in our nation.   The TRRC mandate is laid out in the TRRC Act passed in 2017 by the National Assembly. This mandate asks our commission to research and investigate past human rights violation in order to establish a clear historical record of what happened during the presidency of Yahya Jammeh and to contribute to seeking justice for the victims of his regime. The TRRC mandate extends beyond investigative functions to include the responsibility of designing a national reparation program that will contribute to repairing the harm done to victims of human rights violations.  The TRRC mandate also includes the option of recommending prosecution or amnesty for alleged perpetrators. 

In every context, adopting a truth commission requires a unique approach adapted to the specific challenges and opportunities of that place. The TRRC is firmly grounded in a commitment to establish a Gambian-led process that is unique to our needs and innovates based on the highest standards currently guiding the field of transitional justice around the world.

A TRRC that is adaptive and Gambian-led will move beyond replicating other transitional justice experiences to create new approaches that best respond to the needs, demands, challenges and culture of our own context.

The TRRC is established to acknowledge the truth of what happened from 1994 to 2016 during the regime of President Yahya Jammeh, to ensure justice and reparations for the victims affected during this period, to promote national reconciliation and healing, and to ensure that what happened in our country never again happens.

We turn to transitional justice at times when atrocities and suffering are so widespread that the usual legal or community approaches to addressing such crimes cannot handle the magnitude of the pain, social upheaval and injustice inflicted.


The TRRC also has as part of its mandate, the promotion of non-reoccurrence of the human rights violations. Alongside the truth seeking process which is achieved through the hearings, as well as the consideration of granting of reparations, the TRRC will undertake community outreach and engagement activities all of which aim to enable the nation to learn the lessons from the past and ensure mechanisms are put in place to make sure they don’t happen again. This objective will be further bolstered by the recommendations that will be included in the final report to be submitted by the TRRC at the end of its mandate.

This role of the TRRC to promote non-reoccurrence (Never Again) is what will tie its work into the broader transitional justice objectives of the Gambia.

Our Mandate


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