Acid Ants

Hul weermag was groot en aanvallend – hul arsenaal is geniepsig en skerp, duld geen aanvalle nie en het hul eie meganismes wat hulle gebruik.   Leer by die miere en word wys hoe gebruik hul die son in hul guns, hoe hard hul werk en het ook nie verskonings om onder ‘n koelteboom te gaan rus nie.   Altyd gereed vir enige aanval.   Loer gerus na die video’s, baie interessant hoe hul hul eie beskerm.

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A number of ant species produce acid in a poison gland in their abdomen to spray at enemies. Now it turns out they also drink the acid to kill pathogens in their food. Because these ants often vomit up food to feed their co-workers, this helps prevent diseases spreading in colonies.  Unlike the stomachs of vertebrates, those of insects aren’t n

“There is a clear benefit from this phenomenon,” says Liselotte Sundström at the University of Helsinki, Finland, who in 2015 reported that ants self-medicate to fight off fungal infections. However, it isn’t clear whether the ants actively drink from the gland, she says, or whether it happens accidentally as they groom themselves.

Simon Tragust at the University of Bayreuth in Germany and his colleagues have found that species such as the Florida carpenter ant (Camponotus floridanus) increase the acidity of their stomachs by swallowing acid after eating. If ants were prevented from bending round to reach their poison glands, acidity levels were lower.


A wood ant’s nest in the pine forests of northern Germany. This large, dome-shaped nest provides a steady temperature for the ants to raise their young, and they maintain this in an ingenious way. They sunbathe. Their black bodies act as storage heaters, absorbing the sun’s warmth, which they take back to release inside the nest.

A European jay has discovered the nest. But the bird is greeted by a defensive army. The angry ants discharge a shower of formic acid. It’s just what the jay was after. The acid is a powerful insecticide which rids its plumage of parasites.


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While most animals flee from a fire ant’s lethal venom, the tawny crazy ant simply has a quick acid bath and comes back for more.


In the darkest corners of the Dark Lands lives the most beautiful looking #Pheidole nest. The Pheidoles have been living here peacefully since a long time. However since a few days the colony is on high alert. They have been finding many of their workers wounded and defaced. When the whole colony searches for the one behind the gruesome act, they come across a termite soldier, who was perhaps separated from his own colony. The #termite soldier is angry and attacks any #Ants who come close to him. Want to know what happens next??

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