Fritz “Majeke” Joubert killed Anele Hoyana – FJ killed by Police


Anele Hoyana was killed on Geluksdal Farm in Gonubie, in East London, over the weekend allegedly at the hands of Fritz Joubert, who was initially thought to have been a farmer.   It was stated in a newspaper that the EFF in Buffalo City in the Eastern Cape has promised to convert the farm of Gonubie murderer Fritz “Majeke” Joubert into a pre-school after invading the property and taking over its operations.   Regional EFF chairperson Mziyanda Hlekiso told Sowetan the farm where the Joubert killed sangoma trainer Anele Hoyana had been taken over as he was racist.

Anele Hoyana and Fritz Joubert



Agri Eastern Cape has refuted reports that a man allegedly behind the murder of a sangoma is a local farmer.  Anele Hoyana was killed on Geluksdal Farm in Gonubie, in East London, over the weekend allegedly at the hands of Fritz Joubert, who was initially thought to have been a farmer.   But Agri Eastern Cape president Doug Stern strongly denied this claim.   “He was certainly not a farmer and we take umbrage of the fact that he was referred to as a farmer. He is so far removed from farming. It’s unfair to actually tarnish him with that name. Just because he lived on a plot, [does not mean] he must now be referred to as a farmer.”   A video had been circulated on social media that shows the brutal assault.


The man who filmed Fritz Joubert terrorising murder victim Anele Hoyana did so because he was “instructed” to do so by the sangoma killer.  In a  DispatchLIVE  exclusive, Kwelerha farmer Sabelo Ngaka has admitted he was the man who filmed Joubert’s erratic behaviour in the hours before he bludgeoned Hoyana to death and was himself shot and killed by police.

The footage has been widely circulated on social media.   While he has made several startling disclosures, he has failed to answer the question of why he continued to film.   “I’ll save my answers for court,” Ngaka said.     Ngaka said he was one of three farmers who rushed to Joubert’s house after the 45-year-old had called every farmer in the area because there was “trouble” on his farm.   Ngaka rushed to the Kwelerha property because he thought Joubert was being attacked  or had caught a stock thief, he said.

When Ngaka arrived at the home at 3am on Saturday, he found Joubert brandishing a stick and demanding that Hoyana kneel down.    “He instructed me to film the minute I stepped inside the house.    “I was surprised to find him holding that guy  [Anele] hostage because they had been staying together for some time.    “I didn’t know Anele by name but I had seen him there.”

Ngaka said Joubert was the one who had called the Gonubie police, who later shot him dead.   He said he had filmed two videos, but left in a hurry after noticing Joubert’s actions were escalating into physical violence.   “Yes, I filmed two videos on Fritz’s instruction. One is six minutes and the other is three minutes. I have shared the videos with the police and everyone who requested them,” he said.

Ngaka said he tried to stop Joubert, but he refused and started talking “nonsense”.   “I left Fritz while he said he was waiting for other farmers to arrive before he begins with punishing Anele,” Ngaka told DispatchLIVE.   Joubert had used the neighbourhood watch WhatsApp group to call all 11 members to his farm, he said.   “The majority ignored the call. Only three showed up, including myself,” Ngaka said.   When he left, two of the other farmers were still there, he said.   He did not identify who these farmers were.

“I returned after the incident [killing] and heard the police asking about a Sabelo who was mentioned in one of many videos posted by Fritz and I presented myself [to them].   “The police took my number and promised to call me for a statement.   “I am still waiting for that statement.”   In one of the videos circulating on social media, Joubert can be heard pleading with Sabelo not to go.


“We raided that farm because that man was fueled by racism and nothing else. That is the reason we went to occupy that farm. When white people kill black people, we as blacks sometimes say the perpetrator is probably mentally unstable. But when it is a black person committing the same offence he is immediately called a criminal,” Hlekiso said.   “We have taken over that farm. It is our farm now. We are going to convert it to a pre-school.”   He added that when EFF member invaded the farm they found the old SA flag.   “To us, this showed that the mind of this man was backwards, still believing in the oppressive apartheid system.”

EFF members on at the farm owned by Anele Hoyana's killer, Fritz Joubert, outside East London.

Joubert, 45, killed Hoyana during a “cleansing ceremony gone wrong” at his Geluksdal farm in Brakfontein, near Gonubie. The murder of Hoyana sparked national outrage after video footage of some of the attack went viral on social media.   Joubert was later shot dead by police after he resisted arrest when police came to the farm to rescue Hoyana’s children who were held hostage.

Hlekiso said Hoyana’s family visited the farm late yesterday to fetch his spirit as per tradition. A community meeting was scheduled to be held at the farm in which the proposal to turn the farm into a pre-school would be discussed.   Lulama Mpahla, the provincial chair of the Eastern Cape Traditional Healing Practitioners’ Forum and director of the Ithongo Institute, said Joubert’s bizarre behaviour had nothing to do with being a sangoma.

Meanwhile, Zwelihle “DJ Zwesta” Mathe, who was at the farm when Hoyana was killed, recounted how Joubert intimidated him and harassed his girlfriend, all while acting like a friend.    “[Joubert] touched my girlfriend in a provocative manner and I called him out but he apologised.”   Police confirmed they shot Joubert dead in self-defence.


The killing of Eastern Cape traditional healer, Anele Hoyana has caused public outrage. Hoyana was allegedly killed by Fritz Joubert on a farm near Gonubie in the Eastern Cape in the early hours of Saturday morning. It is understood that Joubert was later shot by police. Reports say Hoyana was training Joubert to be a sangoma. We cross to our reporter in Kwelega in the Eastern Cape, Busisiwe Jemsana Mantashe for an update…


The family of Anele Hoyana are baffled by his murder, allegedly at the hands of a farmer they considered friendly toward them.


Condolences have been pouring in for traditional healer Anele Hoyana who was bludgeoned to death in a farmhouse in East London at the weekend. Hoyana was murdered on Saturday by 45-year-old farmer Fritz “Majeke” Joubert, with whom he had been staying along with his wife and children, on a farm near Gonubie. Hoyana was training Joubert to be a sangoma and a traditional ceremony was underway at the time. Joubert was later shot dead by the police. For more on this bizarre and horrifying incident, we’re joined on the line by Anele Hoyana’s brother, Olwethu, who is in East London.


Sangoma Anele Hoyana was beaten to death with the butt of a rifle by Fritz “Majeke” Joubert. Hoyana and his family were living at Joubert’s Eastern Cape farm at the time. The police have confirmed that Joubert was shot dead in self-defence by a police officer.


Anele Hoyana who was killed by farmer Fritz joubert


Anele Hoyana brutally killed by Fritz Joubert in front of his wife and children
(Pakamani Peeky O’Donoghue)



Before this video, there is video in which the whiteman calls him (Anele Hoyana) Satan, The Suspect ask him to kneel while he is carrying his 2 and half years old in his arms. He further says “the Guptas are as well involved”. Anele’s three weeks old baby was also in the house when this happened.

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