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According to authoritative sources, the “identity federalism” is being vigorously promoted by Soros funded ‘Framework Team’ of the United Nations.     The same billionaire Hungarian George Soros, former Nazi minion, member of the Bilderberg group of the European Elite, who now floats humanitarian aid groups and counter-gangs in every country targeted for resource grab.

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Note Nepal:  “Federalism” “land issues” “land reform”  DID NOT WORK AT ALL –
Funded “human rights”.  One “constitution” and minority groups of people.  The “elites” want ONE unity and do not want ethnic groups and cultures. 

Indigenous Peoples of Nepal are officially described as Indigenous Nationalities (Adivasi Janajati).

They make up for 35.81 per cent of the country’s total population (approximately 8.5 million out of the 26 million Nepalese). But, Indigenous People’s Organizations claim that their population could be as high as 50 percent of the country’s population. Despite constituting such a significant portion of the population, indigenous peoples have been marginalized in terms of language, culture and political as well economic opportunities throughout the history.

As per the 2011 census, Nepal has 126 castes and ethnic groups speaking as many as 123 languages. And 90 percent of these languages are spoken by Indigenous Peoples.

Indigenous Peoples in Nepal have distinct cultures, languages and belief systems. They live across the country – the mountains, the hills and the plains. They are in majority in as many as 27 of the total 75 districts. Most of indigenous people live in remote and rural areas and make a living out of subsistence farming.


The Chinese company has started mining gold with the acceptance of Nepal minerals and mining department. Recently it has started mining in Jajarkot district of Nepal in Holu khola. This video is about the possibility of gold mining in Nepal and its future.


NEFIN can’t restore the 65% of the ancestral lands stolen from the ethnic groups because that is global elite’s eminent domain. They can have as much funds as they want from Soros but not the lands for the ethnic minorities they are ostensibly fighting for and NEFIN can scream its brains out.



The Powers That Be [PTB] have already taken control of 65% of ethnic minorities’ lands through the innocuous Park Act. Soon a situation will be created when short of land, food and water people will revolt. That would be given “ethnic color” and NEFIN and all the NGOs will be readied to be the savior. Foreign funds and aid money will flow in; all toilet paper dollars printed in Banksters’ backyards to foment more trouble and violence. Guns will be shipped in humanitarian aid aircrafts owned by USAID and that is well documented. Neighbors will be turned against neighbors, people against people. The UN Framework Team will intervene, this time with Soros fund.


[18] This is not speculation. This is exactly what the US and NATO forces have done after Soros funded ethnic strife snowballed into widespread civil war in Yugoslavia, then Kosovo and now in Macedonia.    Soros is also active in Russia through its FEMIN and Pussy rioters. Putin has too many problems.

[19] This came from a Yugoslavian, a person whom I trust and who has given me much valuable informationon how the country was destroyed by this bastard George Soros. Exactly the same model is being followed in Nepal.


When people forget history, mystery repeats itself.

History tells us that Nepal had developed a sophisticated democratic system over two thousand years before Aristotle’s Greece; the mystery is that ethnic identity federalists are still groping for a viable one and the Maoists want a Communist collectivist solution.

Nepal’s ancient political institutions and culture flourished because the people were wise. History says that Nepal’s ancestors evolved a sophisticated participatory decentralized local self government in ancient Nepal, then known as Kirat Pradesh to which the Limbus and Licchavis also contributed later.

The mystery is that modern Nepali leaders and the 602 educated and westernized members of Nepal’s Constituent Assembly could not write even one page of a Constitution; they can’t because the Maoists and ethnic federalists have chosen to serve western predatory capitalist interests.

What is not a mystery is that wherever the ‘custodians of chaos’ INGOs, NGOs, US-AID, Ford Foundation, DfID, George Soros funded Human Rights organizations and the UN-Framework Team go, they make the target nation ungovernable. That is the situation in Nepal today.

(SAME involved in South Africa as well).


The problem of Maoism and ethnic identity federalists

The problem of Maoists and ethnic identity federalists is that both groups are inextricably ensnared in the agenda of INGOs, international development agencies and Soros funded human rights institutions.
Their employees enjoy relatively higher standard of living as compared to common citizen. Once a society has this sort of linkages, it is difficult to throw them out.

Nonetheless, NGOs and INGOs have become Trojan horse in all developing countries with the single objective of breaking as many nations as they can into economically ungovernable entities while the natural resources are plundered. And all the diplomats from West Europe and USA are deeply involved in this.

The Maoists in Nepal should know that no matter which country right now, the European elite and their muscleman USA have systematically destroyed many socialistic movements in Europe itself.

NATO conducted a lethal secret war against genuine socialists and reformers in Europe financed by the same European feudal powers who bet on spurious Maoists because they are the best bet for chaos in South Asia.  There is plenty of convergence of interest between the Maoists and Christian church too because the Vatican is involved in financial frauds, criminal money laundering and undermining poor tribal people around the world and that history is also well documented.

The basic premise of Maoist political economy to impose a collectivist society is actually fascistic and neo-conservative agenda, which even their leaders don’t understand or don’t talk about it.

While the Indian leadership has drifted perilously close to the same fascistic western alliance and financial system, at least the Chinese leadership is making a serious attempt to create a parallel financial system: they have recently announced that oil and gas will be traded in Yuan and Russia has promised them as much oil and gas they want and any country can opt out of dollar hegemony.

Has any ethnic identity federalist or Maoist leader said that Nepal should opt out of dollar hegemony or the hegemony of Indian rupee and purchase oil and gas from China paid for in Yuan?

Is Bhattarai’s power located in Capitol Hill or Buckingham Palace or Delhi? Has Prachand any economic agenda of keeping India out that would benefit Nepali people? If Nepal starts buying oil and gas from China, a litre of petrol would cost much less.  Nepali leaders including those in NEFIN and other rag tag band talk only politics; they don’t have an economic agenda. And they don’t even know how genuine socialists are treated by the crooked and murderous imperium.

The true characteristics of the “Western system”

When things happen rapidly it is called mystery; when history does uncover mystery, it is always too late.  Nepali leaders should know that both China and India put together are far less corrupt than the western leaders. The corruption of western leaders is expressed in decimation of nations without any parallel in modern history; the US NATO forces are in overt or covert wars across the world mainly in resource rich but poor countries. The western leaders are sociopaths who destroy entire societies. The imperium is ruled not by fools but liars, manipulators, murderers, and other criminals….accountable to no one….”

The truth is that foreign funded Maoists and NGOs in Nepal are clueless about the nature of the western intervention. Their foolishness will cause immense hardship for Nepali people and many problems for China, India and the entire Himalayan region. The people of Nepal should know that the custodians of chaos are the Maoist, NGOs and INGOs and all these institutions are funded by global predatory oligarchy.

It is up to the Nepali people to kick the non-performing leaders out of positions of authority especially when they say that ‘power is not in their hands’ and, similarly, the insidious and pernicious influence of international development agencies. People must resolve the Matrix; bite the blue or the red pill

Towards a “Colored Revolution” in Nepal? Foreign Interference Triggers Political Chaos


In Asia, charities that provide material aid such as food, shelter or medical supplies are widely understood and accepted. Organizations like my own, the Open Society Foundations, which advance and protect concepts like justice, democracy and human rights, are often misunderstood and accused of meddling in politics. Yet upholding these concepts brings benefits for societies just as tangible as aid.

The rights groups’ investigation revealed that the soldiers had repeatedly submerged Maina in a tub of water and electrocuted her. She died in her cell shortly afterwards. Thanks in large part to those organizations’ persistent efforts to highlight her case over more than a decade, her body was eventually unearthed inside the barracks grounds. Three of her killers were convicted this year.

Tireless work like this costs money. Last week financier George Soros announced that he had transferred $18 billion of his fortune to the Open Source Foundations, with a further $2 billion to come. This will enable us to continue donations to more rights groups in Asia for years to come.

The money doesn’t only go on bringing criminals to justice. Fighting for rights brings benefits as vital as access to clean drinking water.

A new report by the World Resources Institute has exposed how certain paper mills in Indonesia, gold mining companies in Mongolia and petrochemical plants in Thailand are polluting water and threatening the lives and livelihoods of people in the local communities. The report insists that governments across the region publish when the water people use for drinking, bathing, farming or fishing is polluted or toxic. The communities affected have a right to know. They also have a right to challenge the actions of government and powerful private companies.



Nepal – Federalism

Nepal – Failed federalism

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  1. Well written and well said. Soros is like a cancer around the world, his influence in Europe is scary, but countries like Hungary have completely banned him and his organisation. 🙏🙏


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