Adama Appollo Workers Trust (Bosman Family in Wellington) – B-BBEE Joint Venture


Bosman Family Vineyards in Wellington empowered their workers and families through the Adama Appollo Workers Trust, a landmark joint venture through which a 26% BEE transaction includes a shareholding in the land, winery and nursery (ie all facets of the business). A total of 500 hectares of land is part of the transaction, while beneficiaries also share in the profits of the multi-million rand vine nursery. Since restructuring the business they have increased turnover and profitability.

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Afrikaners and Boers (whites) did not have this kind of opportunities between 1910 until 1994) – we work hard to pay our bills and bonds at banks.  Since 1994 the government and the Brics partners, all of the political parties discriminate against us, the whites majority of this country.
Ons blankes het nie die geleenthede gehad wat tans aan al die ander etniese volke, veral swartes aangebied word nie.  Ons het gewerk vir wat ons het en ons lenings afbetaal, ons studies afbetaal en soms dubbel werke gehad om te kon oorleef.  Ons het niks oor ‘n toonbank gratis ontvang nie.

Nooitgedacht – Beyerskloof (Truter)

Empowerment project Truter

Government’s BEE plans

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The statement below was on 13 March 2018 and follows an oversight visit to the Bosman Adama wine farm in Wellington by the DA Shadow Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform, Thandeka Mbabama MP and DA Shadow Minister Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Annette Steyn MP. Please find attached soundbites in English by Ms Mbabama and in Afrikaans by Ms Steyn.

Against the backdrop of the land debate dominating the national discourse, the DA’s oversight visit today to Bosman Adama wine farm has proven that partnerships, effective implementation and ongoing support are key to land reform success.

The Bosman’s farming enterprise and their workers decided on an equity scheme model for their land reform project. Share Equity Schemes in agriculture are arrangements in which farm workers, small-scale farmers or other disadvantaged people buy shares in a commercial farm.


Adama Apollo Trust
In 2008, Bosman Farming completed the largest land reform empowerment transaction to date in the wine industry and in the Western Cape. The deal entailed the establishment of the Adama Apollo Trust which has 260 beneficiaries. All of
them are permanent workers on Lelienfontein who have a track record of delivering at least three years of good service on the farm.

The deal included a 50% share in De Rust (Pty) Ltd and De Bos Landgoed (Pty) Ltd (farms belonging to the Bosmans), a 5% stake in Bosman Farming (Pty) Ltd and 30% in Bosman Family Vineyards (Pty) Ltd. This represented an interest in 430ha of prime farming land, 150ha of which is vineyards. Petrus says they were able to pay a dividend to beneficiaries since the first year and they have seen a 30% improvement in Monday absenteeism – proof that workers are assuming ownership of, and responsibility for the business and taking pride in their work.

“Our challenge now is to continue growing to accommodate the next generation of loyal employees by making them part of the trust and how to fairly compensate the older generation who are looking at retiring,” he added.

“We believe that whatever we invest in people will always be to the advantage of the business in the future and we operate on the premise that an employer should care about the workers who care about the work they do.” Going the extra mile to empower its workers, Bosman Farming and partner Adama Workers Trust (see box on Adama Trust) embarked on a joint venture in 2008, the biggest black economic empowerment deal in the wine industry to date.

Besides accommodation, Bosman Farming also provides its employees with electricity, running water, a working sewerage system, transport to and from work, medical facilities and a school for their children. It also runs numerous initiatives as part of its social commitment to its workers. This includes a library, a sports club, a karate club, crèches and a music school.

“We produce a few ultra-premium quality wines such as our Chenin Blanc which we produce from a single, 60-year-old vineyard called Optenhorst. “Since more than 50% of the wine that we produce on the farm is exported, we focus on promoting our wines overseas, especially in our most important markets, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.


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