Self-determination – Afrikaner/Boer – ANC-Mandela letter (1993)

What happened after the 1994 elections?    Refer to the “1993 Mandela and executive letter” dated 1993.       The ANC, the executives  and NP supported the full investigation of self-determination and volkstaat of Afrikaner and Boere (whites).  That is our only solution today to get our freedom back.  We do not interfere with their traditional leaders and trustlands.   We are not part of their trustlands or landclaims since 1994.   The current regime and their cadres all implemented racist laws against the white minority – B-BBEE.

Selfbeskikking Selfdetermination2

There are more documentations that confirmed that the ANC Executive agreed to with the 1994 agreement that was signed regarding our peoples own areas and self-determination and volkstaat.

All this information is part (remedy) of our “negotiations and struggle” for our own self-determination.

Please note:  It was not our decisions to be part of this chaos today or the so-called “rainbownation”.  During the 1994 elections there were even voters that did not participate at all.  We as people, still have a right to have our own independent country to rule ourselves.

This was already in 1993 :

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anc erkenning selfbeskikking



anc erkenning selfbeskikking 2 verkiesingsuitslag

We as people do have human rights too.


Unilateral secession prohibited?  (South Sudan an example)


Ons het ook menseregte, maar alles word geskend.

Read more about our rights:

Beide Selfbeskikking en Volkstaat was in 1994 Akkoord vermeld wat onderteken is, spesifiek vir Afrikaners en Boere,  voor die 1994 verkiesing.  Hierdie Akkoord was amptelik onderteken ter erkenning deur die ANC, die ou NP lede wat teenwoordig was asook diegene wat die Akkoord onderhandel het.   Omdat daar ‘n mandaat was, het die Volkstaatraad amptelik hieruit voortgespruit en ‘n wettige Raad geword wat ondersoeke gelei het.  Daar was wettige aanbevelings gedoen in gebiede waartoe ons ‘n reg het.
Selfbeskikking en Volkstaat (Akkoord)


Ondertekening en erkenning:   Akkoord 1994.  ANC het dit in 1994 mede-onderteken.   Ons as volk,  Afrikaner en Boere (blankes) het ‘n internasionale reg om oor onsself te regeer  op alle vlakke van regering.  Internasionale reg bepalings is duidelik –  Die regerende party, tans die ANC of enige party soos DA of EFF en veral multi-kultuur partye kan nie aan volke voorskryf nie, hul lede is in elk geval multi-kultuur.
ANC also signed this Accord regarding our self-determination, in 1994.     International law stipulated that the ruling party, currently the ANC or any party such as DA or EFF and especially multi-culture parties cannot prescribe to peoples’ their way of freedom –  their members are multicultural anyway.
Selfbeskikking – Self-determination


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